Is there a difference between Outlook and Outlook Express?

Is there a difference between Outlook and Outlook Express?

Outlook and Outlook express are both email clients developed by Microsoft….Comparison chart.

Microsoft Outlook Outlook Express
Programmable using VBA Yes No
Message Rules Sophisticated rules for incoming as well as outgoing mail Incoming mail filters only
Junk Mail feature Yes; sophisticated No

What is the difference of Microsoft Outlook to Outlook?

Outlook is an email program you install on your computer and is part of Microsoft Office. is a website and online email service provided by Microsoft.

How do I migrate from Outlook Express to Outlook?

Import Outlook Express messages into Outlook

  1. Choose one of the following options:
  2. Click Import Internet Mail and Addresses, and then click Next.
  3. Click Outlook Express.
  4. Select the Import mail check box.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. To save a copy of the import summary to your Inbox, click Save in Inbox.

What is Outlook Express used for?

Outlook Express is a free online communication tool from Microsoft that you can use for e-mail or newsgroups. It is included with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Windows operating systems. With Outlook Express, you can download your e-mail messages from the UH mail server onto your computer’s local hard drive.

Are there different versions of Outlook?


Name Version number Notes
Outlook 2016 16 Included in Office 2016 and Office 365
Outlook 2016 for Mac 15.12 Included in Office 2016 and Office 365
Outlook 2019 16 Included in Office 2019 and Office 365
Outlook 2019 for Mac 16.17 Included in Office 2019 and Office 365

Is Microsoft closing old versions of Outlook?

“MICROSOFT OUTLOOK: WE ARE CLOSING ALL OLD VERSIONS OF OUR MAILBOX TODAY – Friday, September 17, 2021” from Is this a genuine Microsoft message? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

Does Windows 10 come with Outlook Mail?

This new Windows 10 Mail app, which comes preinstalled along with Calendar, is actually part of the free version of Microsoft’s Office Mobile productivity suite. It’s called Outlook Mail on Windows 10 Mobile running on smartphones and phablets, but just plain Mail on Windows 10 for PCs.

Can I still use Outlook Express?

Microsoft doesn’t make or support Outlook Express anymore. But the Mail Migration add-on can help you move your email and contacts over to The add-on automatically moves your email and contacts, and you can keep your current email address.

Do I need to update my Outlook account?

Microsoft releases frequent updates to its various Office applications, including Outlook. By default, these updates are installed automatically, so you don’t need to worry about doing it manually. But occasionally, automatic updates get disabled or specific updates fail to install.

Is Microsoft changing their mailbox?

Replies (2)  This is a scam. Microsoft never sends such emails. Please do NOT click on any links in that message!

Can I still use Outlook Express on Windows 10?

Outlook Express still runs on Windows 10, but every major update will remove it. Microsoft wants you to use its other email clients.

How do I access Outlook Express?

Access from Microsoft Outlook Express

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express.
  2. Go to Tools > Accounts.
  3. Click the Add button and select the Mail item.
  4. Enter your name as you want it to appear in any messages you send, and click Next.
  5. Type your email address, and click Next.
  6. Specify the following settings:
  7. Click Next.

What happened to Outlook Express email?

Is there a free version of Outlook for Windows 10?

Is Outlook Express still supported by Microsoft?

Outlook Express is a discontinued email client from Microsoft, however, some people still use it with Windows XP. As the email is not supported by Microsoft anymore, it often malfunctions. That is the reason why many users complain that Outlook Express not working in Windows XP.

How do you access Outlook Express to check email?

Go to the Security basics page and sign in with your Microsoft account.

  • Select Security contact info > Add security info .
  • Follow the instructions to enter your email or phone number. Microsoft will send a security code to that new email address or phone number.
  • Enter the security code,and select Next.
  • How to setup Outlook Express email?

    How To Setup Microsoft Outlook Express Email. Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook Express. The below screen shot illustrates how to launch Outlook Express using the Start menu on your computer. Step 2: Select Accounts from the Tools menu, (the 4th drop down menu from the top left). Step 3: Click on the Mail tab.

    What are the problems with Microsoft Outlook?

    Microsoft has fixed a known issue causing search issues for Outlook users after installing Windows 10 security updates released since November 2021. As the company explained, searches on the Outlook desktop app might fail and recent emails might not appear