Is there a charge for 123 greeting cards?

Is there a charge for 123 greeting cards?

Yes, we continue to offer this service free to the Internet community as we have done so for nearly 10 years. While some of our competitors do charge for a similar service, our service is supported by sponsors who place advertisements on the pages you see while sending & receiving ecards.

Can you text a 123 greeting card? makes it quick & easy for you to send an ecard in 3 easy steps. Just choose your favorite ecard, add your personal message and sending information, and we’ll deliver it for you. You can schedule 123Greetings ecards to be sent immediately or up to 60 days in the future.

Is JacquieLawson com safe?

Overview. JacquieLawson has a consumer rating of 2.62 stars from 63 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about JacquieLawson most frequently mention credit card and customer service problems.

How do you send a card by text?

Once you are signed in, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select an ecard.
  2. Select ‘Personalize and Send’.
  3. Enter a personal message to be displayed with your ecard.
  4. Select ‘Preview’ to preview your message and ecard.
  5. Select the ‘Share or Send’ button below the personalized message box.
  6. Select ‘Copy Link’.

Can you text a greeting card?

Yes, you can send eCards by text message as well as by email. To send your digital cards to text recipients, just add your contacts’ names and phone numbers as you build your recipient list. You can see all the different options to build your recipient list here.

Which eCard site is the best UK?

Here’s how using the following, the best UK ecard sites.

  • Paperless Post. One of our all-time favourites.
  • Some E-Cards.
  • Punchbowl.
  • JibJab.
  • Jaquie Lawson.
  • Wrongcards.