Is the Thermalright ty-14x a good fan?

Is the Thermalright ty-14x a good fan?

The reason for this test was to see why Thermalright had the X-Silent 140 as its only square frame 140 mm fan. Following that, the main comparison pitted the round-frame Thermalright TY-14x fans against two “known good” fans, the Noctua NF-A15 and the NF-A14 iPPC 3000, all provided by Noctua (a big thank-you to both fan manufacturers).

Can Thermalright PWM fans be used in radiators?

Thermalright has finally put their PWM fans in square frames. Long known for their excellent 140 mm PWM heatsink fans, Thermalright finally have those fans ready for radiators. Enthusiasts have admired those blade shapes for years, but they never fit cases or rads, only heatsinks.

What type of heatsink should I use with a ty-140 fan?

Like the TY-140 and the classic NF-P14, these fans have round frames, with screw-holes the same as for 120 mm fans – in other words, 105 mm apart. These fans go well with any heatsink that uses 120 mm fans but have room for 140 mm fans. These include the NH-D14, NH-D15 and the Megahalems, not to mention a slew of Thermalright heatsinks.

What is the speed of the Zalman ty-143 fan?

The TY-143’s have a nominal speed of 2500 RPM and the NF-A14 iPPC have a nominal speed of 3000 RPM, so all of those fans were slowed to 2400 RPM. Speeds on all fans were controlled either by the motherboard’s PWM function or by a Zalman Fan Mate.

Can I plug the ty-140 into the 3 pin socket?

The TY-140 can be pluged into the 3 pin; you can tell from the jack, there is fool-proof design on the jack so wrong installation of the pins are avoided . Please first refer to the Support FAQ when using your Thermalright PWM fan on your mainboard’s Chassis_Fan Socket.

Are the ty-147a and ty-143 fans recyclable?

The packaging is recyclable. The TY-147A and TY-143 are PWM fans. From the blade coverage, they look to be focused on static pressure. Notice that the fans cables are tightly sleeved and ended with well-fitted heatshrink.