Is The Meaning Of amass?

Is The Meaning Of amass?

to gather for oneself; collect as one’s own: to amass a huge amount of money. to collect into a mass or pile; gather: He amassed his papers for his memoirs.

How do you use the word masse in a sentence?

all together.

  1. Individually the children are delightful; en masse they can be unbearable.
  2. The young folk were emigrating en masse.
  3. The people marched en masse.
  4. The management team resigned en masse.
  5. The shop’s 85 workers have resigned en masse.
  6. The Joneses are coming for lunch en masse all twelve of them!

How do you use amassed?

Amassed sentence example

  1. He amassed a large fortune in Ireland, in which country he had been allotted lands by Cromwell.
  2. He stipulated that no inquiry should be made into his conduct in office, and was left for another seven years unmolested in the enjoyment of the fortune he had amassed .

What is the synonym of Amass?

conglomerate, gather, mass, pile (up), stack (up)

Is amass a transitive verb?

transitive verb. 1Gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable material or things) over a period of time. ‘The police have amassed a huge amount of evidence which they will now go through. ‘

What does it mean to cumulate?

Definition of cumulate transitive verb. 1 : to gather or pile in a heap. 2 : to combine into one. 3 : to build up by addition of new material.

Is it mass or en masse?

We borrowed the phrase en masse from the French: “The mob marched en masse to the Bastille.” It does indeed mean “in a mass,” and you can use that English expression if you prefer, but “in mass” is an error.

Is en masse used in English?

En masse is an adverb which has its origins in French literature, it literally means “in a mass”. So when it’s used in both English and French it means ‘all together’, ‘as a group’, ‘in a body’, ‘as one’, ‘as a whole’, ‘in a mass’.

Is amassed a real word?

to collect into a mass or pile; gather: He amassed his papers for his memoirs.

What are some antonyms for amass?

antonyms for amass

  • disperse.
  • divide.
  • scatter.
  • separate.
  • disburse.
  • dissipate.
  • dole.
  • spend.

What does it mean to amass wealth?

If you amass something such as money or information, you gradually get a lot of it.

What is the noun form of Amass?

amassment. The act of amassing.

What is the adjective form of Amass?

amassable. Capable of being amassed.

What is cumulative verb?

cumulate. (transitive) To accumulate; to amass. (intransitive) To be accumulated.

What is cumulative time?

Cumulative or Span of Time is the most common way time is used in a measure. Traditionally Cumulative measures sum data across a span of time. Cumulative measures allow users to answer key questions, such as: How many terminations have I had this year?

What is the Hindi meaning of amassing?

gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable material or things) over a period of time. translation of ‘amassing’ संग्रह करना, ढेर लगाना, एकत्र करना

What is the noun of Amass?

Noun. amass (plural amasses) (obsolete) A large number of things collected or piled together. quotations ▼synonyms ▲ Synonyms: mass, heap, pile. (obsolete) The act of amassing.

What is amass in the Bible?

1. to gather for oneself: to amass a fortune. 2. to collect into a mass or pile; gather.

How do you use amiss in a sentence?

use “amiss” in a sentence Despite being on top and mingling with powerful people in the country Remy felt as if there was something amiss. Shortly after arriving the men discover something amiss and one goes out in search of his girlfriend, while his partner vanishes during a quick blackout. At the usual time, the

How to use smattering in a sentence?

smattering in a sentence When Imus shut up, there was a smattering of applause. A smattering of card companies are beginning to address this diversity. There is no exceptional wit and only smatterings of wrenching loveliness. Paintings and photographs predominate, along with a smattering of

How to use abstainer in a sentence?

To abstain from enjoyment, is the philosophy of the sage, the epicurism of reason. Yet man has the impudence to expect the fannies to abstain till he is ready to bestow on them his name. After passing his fiftieth year an individual should abstain from venesection.

How to use en masse in a sentence?

“en masse” in a sentence. How to use “en masse” in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences “en masse”. 20 examples of simple sentences “en masse” . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate).