Is Penfield a designer brand?

Is Penfield a designer brand?

As a premium outerwear brand, specialising in weather resistant coats and jackets suited for the most unpredictable climates, Penfield’s designer menswear collections are both fashionable and functional.

Is Penfield a cool brand?

More recently venturing into a full collection comprising of a wider range of garments such as t-shirts, trousers, and hats, Penfield has managed to not only cement its place as a reputable brand for providing durable, functional pieces but also as a stylish brand that appeals to both a younger and older market.

Is Penfield waterproof?

About Penfield: They have light, windproof options that are ideal for breezy spring days or a fall tailgate. Plus, most of them are water resistant in case you get caught in an unexpected storm.

Where are Penfield jackets made?

Penfield is an outdoor clothing brand and private company that was established in Hudson, Massachusetts. Founded in 1975 by Harvey Gross, a New England native, the company has built a reputation for making down-filled jackets, fleece and outerwear….Penfield (company)

Type Private
Website Penfield USA

What does Penfield mean?

The Penfield name was originally an Anglo-Saxon name that was given to a keeper of the pound where animals were sheltered.

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