Is Obsession Archery going out of business?

Is Obsession Archery going out of business?

They have stopped production as of this time, so while not completely closed down they are effectively out of business unless a buyer steps up soon.

Did Martin Archery buys obsession?

Martin Archery Acquires Obsession Bows. Archery Industry News.

Who bought obsession bows?

Arcus Hunting LLC
Arcus Hunting LLC, a Bregal Partners company, has closed its buy of Obsession Archery Inc. The sellers are Dennis and Angela Lewis, Obsession’s founders, who will continue to lead the company. Jeffersonville, Georgia-based Obsession Archery designs and makes premium bows.

Who designs obsession bows?

Designed by Kevin Strother and built in the USA by Obsession Bows, the Obsession Short-Draw, Two-Track Cam system means high performance and exception adjustability with the PerFx System.

What happened to obsession bows?

Obsession Bows was acquired by Arcus Hunting on Apr 2, 2015 .

Who owns Martin Archery?

Martin Archery is pleased to announce its recent asset purchase by ELM, LLC, a Nashville-based private equity firm, and the Mandola Group, a sister company to Big Jon Sports.

Where are APA bows made?

APA are a good solid bow, Canadian made. Pretty much the same design just revamped little changes the past 4-5 years.

Who is Kevin Strother?

Kevin Strother may be the most influential bow designer of modern times. One of the cofounders of Bowtech, Strother has engineered for a dozen-plus other companies including Elite, Obsession, and Xpedition.

Are APA bows good?

They are fast, lite and easy to carry with the built in handle. It’s a feature that I’ll be hard pressed to go away from. The newer bows have become every bit as smooth and dead in the hand as the “top dogs” yet still maintain great speed. I would definitely recommend a good long look At these bows.

Who does Kevin Strother work for?

Are Martins good bows?

I just purchased my first Martin, a 2012 Pantera. So far its been an excellent bow. Really smooth shooting, really accurate, and tons of adjustability. Not the quietest of bows but that’s where bowjax comes in.

Are Strother bows any good?

These bows flat out shoot, they tune great, they are quite, fast, rock solid backwall and that dead in hand feeling is second to none. You won’t have any issues, but if you do… Strothers CS will be on top of it!

What technology does obsession bow have to offer?

Some of Obsession Bow’s technologies include the following: This smooth and fast cam comes with draw stops for a solid wall. It is considered to be one of the most efficient two track dual sync cams on the market. This cable rod reduces friction on the cables and torque on the bow’s riser.

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