Is military Space-A travel available?

Is military Space-A travel available?

The Air Mobility Command has announced that Space Available (Space-A) travel on military aircraft has returned for travelers to pre-pandemic availability. According to a press release, as of April 22, 2022, all restrictions on Space-A travel had been lifted.

Can retired military fly on military aircraft?

This reopening allows Space-A travel on military and DoD-contracted aircraft for uniformed service members, retirees, dependents and reservists to travel within the continental U.S. and outside the continental U.S.

How does military Space available flights work?

Space-available flights, a.k.a “MAC flights” or “military hops,” are military operational flights that have extra seats. The military mission is the priority, and the Space-A passengers are essentially cargo. Eligible travelers may “hop” the flight (free of charge), but the system is based on priority.

Are Space-A flights free?

Space-A refers to the practice of traveling when a military flight has unused or unassigned seats aboard: think extra seats available when flying a tank from location A to location B. For free. Yes- I just said free… mostly. Sometimes there is an $8.00 surcharge if you are flying overseas, but other than that, free.

How much do Space A flights cost?

Space A Flights are when military flights have unfilled seats and can offer them for free to military personnel and their dependents. Some surcharges may apply for international flights but these are usually around the $10 mark. If you are able to take advantage, you can travel for free.

Can a 100 disabled veterans fly Space available?

When congress signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act last year,100% service connected disabled Veterans became eligible for Space Available Travel.

How do I book a Space a military flight?

In order to fly Space-A, eligible passengers must register (sign up) at the military passenger terminal from which they want to depart. Uniformed service members must be on leave or pass status when they sign up. Registration can be very competitive at some busy terminals, so be sure to sign up as early as you can.

Who is eligible for Space a flight?

Retired military members who are issued DD Form 2 and eligible to receive retired or retainer pay & their family members, family members are only eligible if they have an ID card and travel with retired service member. Surviving spouses of retirees or of service members who died on active duty or training status.

How much does military Space-A travel cost?

There is no charge for personnel traveling in government owned aircraft. However, if a Space-A flight is made on a commercial contract carrier, a fee will be assessed – fee is variable (approximately $15-30) depending on the port. There is also a fee for meals served aboard military aircraft.

Who is eligible to fly Space A?

Disabled veterans must have a DD Form 2765, Defense Department ID Card (Tan), in order to fly Space-A. Space available flights, better known as Space-A or military hops, allow eligible passengers to fill unused seats on DoD-owned or -controlled aircraft.

Can retirees fly Space-A again?

Can Retirees use Space-A? Yes. Uniformed Services Retirees (receiving retirement pay and possessing a BLUE Retiree ID Card) and their accompanying dependents can travel Space-A anywhere that Space-A is allowed.

Can veterans fly Patriot Express?

One of those things is the option for currently serving military members, their families, and even military retirees to fly “Space-A” on military aircraft such as the Patriot Express.

Does TSA accept retired military ID?

If you are a retiree, you should have a DoD ID number (this will be located in your MilConnect account, or on a CAC ID Card). Use the DoD ID number as your Known Traveler Number when purchasing airline tickets.

Is TSA PreCheck free for disabled veterans?

The Veterans Expedited TSA Screening (VETS) Safe Travel Act would let all disabled or severely injured veterans enroll on the TSA PreCheck list, at no charge.

Can disabled veterans travel Space a?

Many disabled veterans are now eligible to fly Space-A on military aircraft. The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act allows veterans with a permanent and total service-connected Department of Veterans Affairs disability rating to travel space available on military aircraft.

Can a retired military member travel space-a?

However, once the retirement age of 60 is reached and member is receiving retirement pay, no distinction is made between members retired from the Reserves/Guard and members retired from active duty. Dependents of these retirees are authorized to travel Space-A when accompanied by the sponsor.

Is there a guaranteed space to travel with the military?

Remember there is no guaranteed space for any traveler. The Department of Defense is not obligated to continue an individual’s travel or return them to their point of origin or any other point.

What is space available travel?

Space-A travel is authorized to/from Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) locations, and within/between OCONUS theatres. All travel will be on a noninterference (non-reimbursable basis). Space Available Travel is permitted, provided all space-required passengers and cargo have been accommodated.

Who is eligible for space-required travel?

Unmarried authorized Family members of Service members stationed overseas are eligible for space-required travel if they are full-time students under 23-years old attending a school in the US to obtain a secondary or undergraduate education.