Is Logitech Z333 good?

Is Logitech Z333 good?

Final Verdict. In conclusion, the Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers are an exceptional value at around $60-80. If you can find them for under $80, then you’re at a great price point. The next step up are the Logitech Z537 speakers adding Bluetooth functionality and 120 watts of peak power.

Is Logitech Z337 good?

The Logitech Z337 speakers are a good option to upgrade from your computer’s built-in speakers. They have a nice control pod, a subwoofer, and Bluetooth for $80. However, if you’re willing to sacrifice those quality-of-life features, there are many better-sounding and better-built speakers at this price.

Does Logitech Z533 have Bluetooth?

With 120 W of peak power, the Logitech Z533 multimedia speaker system unleashes powerful acoustics with rich lows and detailed highs for robust, room-filling sound. Connect your mobile device to your speakers with one press of the Bluetooth pairing button and you’re ready to listen.

Is Logitech z213 good for gaming?

It is definitely loud enough to watch video or while playing a game or even listening to music.

How many watts does a Logitech Z333 use?

80 watts of bold sound.

Does Logitech Z333 have Bluetooth?

Which is essentially just Logitech’s Z333 Bold Sound 2.1 speaker system with added Bluetooth support. And yes, these are desktop speakers that must be powered from a wall outlet, and are not portable in any reasonable way.

How do I connect my Logitech z337 to my computer?

If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth or you just don’t want to use it, you’ll need to plug one end of the supplied 3.5mm audio cable into your computer’s headphone jack and the other end into the 3.5mm input behind the subwoofer. Then just flip on the power switch.

How loud are Logitech z533?

The Z533s are rated at 120 watts of peak power, with an RMS figure of 60 watts — 15 for each satellite, and 30 for the subwoofer. It’s not the most powerful system you’ll ever hear, but it’s still louder than many alternatives for computers, and plenty deafening at high volumes.

Are Z313 Speakers good?

Now the Logitech Z313 Speakers have a built-in large bass gain, and also a light to moderate treble EQ that’s not adjustable, but it’s reasonably EQ’d up. It won’t please purists, but the 10 dollar step up in sound fidelity and loudness is amazing, you can feel the bass pretty well and songs sound pretty darn good.

Why do my Logitech speakers not work?

Locate the Update & security section at the bottom part of the Settings window and click on it. Navigate to the Troubleshoot tab and check under the Get up and running section. Check to see if the problem has been resolved and if your Logitech speakers start working!

Why is my left Logitech Speaker not working?

Is Logitech Z333 Bluetooth?

How do I connect my Logitech Z333 to my TV?

  1. Put the pin attached to the two satellite speakers into the speaker port on the subwoofer.
  2. Place the power cable into an open electrical outlet.
  3. Connect the red and white inputs on the “RCA audio to 3.5mm female” cable to the red and white audio inputs on your TV.

Is Logitech Z313 good for music?

Is Logitech Z313 loud?

Vocals sound passable on 90% of music, this is a huge improvement. The Logitech z313 still get pretty loud for near field, but you won’t be throwing a party with them pushing only 90dB before it’s just noisy.

Is Logitech z523 a good sound system?

The Good Good sound for the money; strong bass; good connectivity options; volume and bass controls. The Bad Though its sound quality doesn’t eclipse more expensive PC speakers, the Logitech Z523 is one of the best speaker-plus-subwoofer systems in its price class.

How much does a Logitech speaker system cost?

Logitech Speaker System Z523 Logitech’s Z523 Speaker system is one of four models in the company’s 2009-2010 PC-speaker line that features a separate subwoofer. Though the Z523 carries a list price of $99, it sells online for $79, which makes it quite affordable–and a relatively good value.

How loud is Logitech’s HomeKit sound?

Logitech rates the system at 40 watts (it can play pretty loudly) and touts the fact that the satellites offer omnidirectional or 360-degree sound, which means you hear them even if you’re standing behind them (thanks to those rear-mounted drivers). I want an iPhone with USB-C. Now there are signs Apple does, too