Is high quality thermal paste worth it?

Is high quality thermal paste worth it?

Good thermal paste can have a profound impact on your performance, because it will allow your processor to transfer more of its waste heat to your cooler, keeping your processor running cool. Choosing the best thermal paste is also important if you plan on overclocking your rig to its fullest.

What is the world’s best thermal paste?

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Grease Paste comes in an easy to apply 1.0-gram syringe and delivers optimal heat transfer for large-scale cooling systems. With an exceptional thermal conductivity rating of 73 W/mK, the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is one of the best thermal pastes you can buy in 2019.

Does premium thermal paste Make a Difference?

Short answer, yes. Thermal pastes vary in composition, cooling effectiveness, viscosity and price, so you’ll want to determine what kind of machine you’re building and how desperately you want to shave off a few more degrees.

What is the longest lasting thermal paste?

If lasting power is the most important consideration, then the Arctic MX-4 is your best bet. It’s safe and incredibly easy to install. It’s designed to last 8 years, which means your CPU will probably be outdated before your paste needs to be changed.

Is it OK to buy cheap thermal paste?

Performance of the cheapest thermal pastes It is not the best performer, but for its price it is not that bad, considering its only 2 or 3 degrees of difference.

Can I use cheap thermal paste?

Polypheme. There is usually only a few degree’s different at top temps from some cheap paste and the fancy $20 “diamond infused” stuff. Should be fine.

Can you use too much thermal paste?

When you apply too much thermal paste, it can act like an insulator. At best case, this may make the paste ineffective, and at worst case, you may damage components via overheating. Make sure that you apply a thin layer of paste to your component.

Can we use toothpaste as thermal paste?

Toothpaste is also an excellent substitute for thermal paste. Its structure decays after a few days, especially if the operating temperatures are high.

Can thermal paste ruin a CPU?

Can Thermal Paste Damage Your CPU? NO, it won’t damage your CPU, but it really is about efficiency, too much paste can cause your computer to overheat and shut down. Too much paste is unlikely to kill a modern CPU.

Is liquid metal thermal paste worth it?

Yes, liquid metal has a higher thermal conductivity but has significant risks in the application. And therefore, best left to those who know what they are doing. On the other hand, thermal paste is cheaper, but you’ll have to deal with its lower thermal conductivity ratings.