Is Harden Furniture company still in business?

Is Harden Furniture company still in business?

Harden was founded in 1844 by Charles S. Harden. It was one of the oldest family-owned and operated furniture manufacturers in the United States. After 175 years of business, the company ceased operations in 2018.

Can you still buy Harden Furniture?

Harden Furniture Company While sadly not in business anymore, thousands of people still have the opportunity to enjoy Harden Furniture in their homes. The beautiful dining, living room and bedroom furniture by Harden will remain an excellent choice for modern homes.

When did Harden Furniture close?

The Harden Furniture company, meanwhile, dated back about 175 years but ceased local operations in the fall of 2018 after operating sporadically that year amid ongoing financial problems.

Who bought Harden Furniture?

Ison Furniture Mfg.
A new corporate entity, Ison Furniture Mfg., has acquired Harden’s equipment from Big Shoulders Capital and has a contract to buy the Harden plant here. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. “We’re in production now, and we’ve brought back 35 people so far,” said Philip Ison, CEO of Ison Furniture Mfg.

Where is Harden Furniture made?

McConnellsville, New York
For over 170 years and through 5 generations of family ownership, Harden Furniture is an American-Made manufacturer in McConnellsville, New York that has been handcrafting fine quality wood furniture for decades.

Is Henredon coming back?

The Authentic company bought the Henredon name in 2020. It is unclear at present whether Henredon furniture is still being made. Their website says “Coming Soon.” If you own a piece of furniture made by Henredon, you might want to wait to sell it.

Is Drexel Furniture still in business?

Drexel Heritage’s original vision remains unchanged. Their company is still guided by a genuine commitment to custom craftsmanship and timely service and their style is still distinguished by an authentic, timeless spirit.

Who owns Henredon furniture now?

Authentic Brands Group
NEW YORK – Authentic Brands Group announced Tuesday that it has completed the purchase of the Thomasville, Henredon and Drexel Brands from Heritage Home Group LLC. It also has purchased the intellectual property of Broyhill, but has sold those assets to an unnamed U.S.-based retailer.

Where is Durham Furniture made?

Durham, Ontario, Canada
All Durham Furniture pieces are made from sustainably harvested solid wood at our plant in the Town of Durham, Ontario, Canada.

Can I still buy Henredon Furniture?

Is Henredon still in business?

In major news for the American home furnishings industry, Furniture Today has reported that Heritage Home Group, parent company to such iconic brands as Henredon, Hickory Chair, Maitland-Smith, and Pearson, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Can I still buy Henredon furniture?

Is Harden Furniture a good brand?

Harden Furniture used to be a premier brand for luxury furniture stores. Harden bedroom furniture, living room and dining room furniture decorated the most high end furniture stores around the country. Indeed, most high end retailers looked at Harden as one of the best quality recommendations they could make to their clientele.

What kind of furniture did James Harden make?

It goes without saying that Harden studied the masters. Elegant block front chests echoed the work of 18th Century Rhode Island cabinetmaker, Samuel Goddard. Gooseneck arms on an elegant dining chair mimic English classics, like the popular Queen Anne style.

How do you identify a Harden piece of furniture?

In nearly all case pieces (dressers, sideboards, china cabinets) the name Harden is burned into the wood. In most cases, the year that the piece was made also accompanies the brand name, most often seen on the back of these pieces. Paper tags and cloth labels were used on chairs and upholstered goods though.