Is Coccinelle a luxury brand?

Is Coccinelle a luxury brand?

Coccinelle is a luxury Italian brand producing bags and accessories. It was created by the Mazzieri family in 1978 in Parma, where its head office is currently located. Coccinelle’s products have great detail, excellent quality and durability and design according to current trends.

Is Coccinelle real leather?

Coccinelle is a leading brand in the production of handbags and accessories, offering contemporary design enhanced by the use of high-quality Italian leather, creating products in the image and likeness of the modern woman, and celebrating her innate elegance.

Is Coccinelle made in China?

The company does not make anything in China. The Louis Vuitton brand’s official website has published that their products are not manufactured in China.

Are Coccinelle bags real leather?

Coccinelle bags are in most cases made of processed leather. Within the bag collection you will find handbags, totes, hobos, shoulder bags and satchels.

Is Coccinelle an Italian brand?

Coccinelle is a benchmark brand in the production of fashion bags and accessories founded in 1978 in Parma, Italy. The Italian brand produces 4 collections every year, with a vast range of products offering women a wide choice of bags, footwear, purses and fashion accessories including jewellery and scarves.

How do you pronounce Coccinelle?


  1. IPA: /kot.t͡ʃiˈnɛl.le/
  2. Rhymes: -ɛlle.
  3. Hyphenation: coc‧ci‧nèl‧le.

Is Coccinelle made in Italy?

What kind of brand is Coccinelle?

Celebrating women’s Gioia di Vivere, Coccinelle is an Italian brand all about putting heart into the luxury market with their lively designs.

What brand is Coccinelle?

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