How to use ExpoDisc for white balance?

How to use ExpoDisc for white balance?

How to Set a Custom White Balance with the ExpoDisc:

  1. Cover the Lens. Attach the ExpoDisc to the front of your lens (white side towards camera).
  2. Manual Lens Focus (If Necessary).
  3. When Using Flash.
  4. Aim the Camera (Measure Incident Light).
  5. Set the Custom White Balance.
  6. Finished.

What does a white balance filter do?

A white balance filter is a simple way of setting a perfect custom white balance every time. Unlike a grey card, which must be placed next to your subject, a white balance filter allows you to capture an incident light reading and set the custom white balance accordingly.

Does the ExpoDisc work?

The Expodisc is helpful because it integrates light sources from all angles, just like an incident light meter. Slight variations of angle won’t affect the color balance as it will with a card. That’s why I use an Expodisc. It’s easier to carry and more durable than a white card.

How do I set white balance on Sony a7iii?

MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [White Balance] → desired setting….[White Balance]

White Balance Auto
Picture Profile Off

What is 18 percent grey in photography?

By definition 18% gray is the “mid-point between black and white on a logarithmic or exponential curve.” Think of it this way; it is simply halfway between black and white.

Do I need a ExpoDisc?

How do I white balance my camera?

Your white balance setting can be accessed either in your camera’s menu system or using a dedicated button labeled “WB” on your camera’s body. Hold it down/press it and you’ll be able to scroll through the different icons representing different lighting situations.

What is the patent number for the expodisc white balance filter?

The original ExpoDisc Professional White Balance Filter and ExpoDisc 2.0 are protected by US Patent No. 7,719,606 B2.

Is the expodisc just for white balance?

The ExpoDisc is not just for white balance. The precision calibration and uniformity of the ExpoDisc means that it can also be used to meter for an 18% incident exposure.

What is the size of the expodisc filter thread?

The ExpoDisc 2.0 is available in 77mm and 82mm filter thread sizes. It uses a push button mount design to attach quickly and securely to equivalent sized 77mm and 82mm lens filter threads.

Can I use a larger expodisc with a smaller filter size lens?

As with the original ExpoDisc, a larger ExpoDisc can be used with smaller filter size lenses by simply holding the ExpoDisc over the lens during the white balance procedure. Note, some smaller lenses may require use of a step up ring.