How to draw a cute bird step by step?

How to draw a cute bird step by step?

1) Draw a curve to get the outline of the bird’s body. 2) Draw a wing on the right, and a wavy line on the wing. 3) Draw another wing on the left side. Then draw four small circles at the bottom as claws. 4) Draw eyes and mouth on the head, and tail on the bottom. 5) Finally, simply color it, and the flying bird is done!

How to draw a bird step by step?

To begin drawing a bird,start by sketching out the beak.

  • Now move onto drawing the head by adding a curved line from the middle of the beak as shown over here.
  • Somewhere in the middle of that shape,go ahead and draw an almond shape for the eye. You can leave a white space for the reflection.
  • As shown in the reference,this bird has a bit of black spots on it especially on the head.
  • Now create a triangle shape at the bottom of the beak and join it to the other side of the head. It should look like something like this.
  • To draw the body of the bird,draw two lines that curve inwards as done over here.
  • On the right side,draw the feather by extending the line you had just drawing but making it more shapely.
  • Continue adding details to the ffeather by drawing a variety of lines.
  • To draw the other feather,draw two lines that go outwards making sure it is quite long.
  • The next step is to continue drawing the body of the bird and you can do this by joining that line you had drawn a few steps earlier
  • To draw the feet of the birds,draw two sets of lines making the second leg shorter and straighter than the first.
  • You’ll then want to continue drawing these rough lines to create the pointed feet shape and your bird drawing is now completed.
  • How to draw birds for kids?

    Draw middle bird, with the belly centered on the line. Draw the larger bird below. Center the head on the middle line. Draw the top bird, with head centered on the middle line. Add the legs in between each. Add the eyes and beaks. Add wings on each bird. Draw ground line and flower stem. Add flower and leaves.

    What birds are good for kids?

    An ostrich can run as fast as 43 miles per hour and grow as tall as 9 feet.

  • Blue birds can’t see the color blue.
  • The hummingbird can fly backwards,but it can’t walk.
  • Condor shells are so thick,it can take a chick a week to break out from its shell.
  • The egg of a kiwi can weigh as much as 20% of the mother’s body weight.