How old is Showaddywaddy?

How old is Showaddywaddy?

The band was formed in 1973 by the amalgamation of two groups, Choise and the Golden Hammers, the latter often known simply as The Hammers. They both played at the Fosse Way pub in Leicester and soon discovered shared musical tastes.

Where did Showaddywaddy come from?

Leicester, United KingdomShowaddywaddy / Origin

Who was the drummer in Showaddywaddy?

Romeo ChallengerSince 1973
Rob HewinsSince 2011

Who fronted Showaddywaddy?

singer Dave Bartram
Between 1974 and 1982, Showaddywaddy – then fronted by lead singer Dave Bartram – enjoyed 10 top five hits, including chart-topping Under the Moon of Love in 1976. Donning teddy boy outfits, they specialised in cover versions of classic hits from the 1950s and 1960s.

How old is Dave Bartram?

70 years (March 23, 1952)Dave Bartram / Age

Do Showaddywaddy still perform?

Showaddywaddy is currently touring across 1 country and has 6 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Grand Hall, Scarborough Spa in Scarborough, after that they’ll be at Portsmouth Guildhall in Portsmouth.

What was Showaddywaddy first number one?


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Was Dion Dublins dad in a band?

He played in several groups, including progressive rock/hard rock band Black Widow in the early 1970s. In 1973, he became the drummer for the rock and roll band Showaddywaddy.

Who was the lead singer of mud?

Ray Stiles1966 – 1979
Syd TwynhamSince 1987Margo Buchanan1978 – 1979
Mud/Lead singers

Why did Dave Bartram leave Showaddywaddy?

“I’d always said that once my passion for performing started to dwindle, I would stop, and in 2011 I quit after a gig I didn’t enjoy.

Why did Buddy Gask leave Showaddywaddy?

Buddy left Showaddywaddy in September 1987, after relationships within the band became strained.

How many number ones did Showaddywaddy have?

Showaddywaddy are a pop/rock group from Leicester, England. They specialise in revivals of hit songs from the 1950s and early 1960s as well as original material. Showaddywaddy spent a total of 209 weeks on the UK Singles Chart, and had 10 Top Ten singles, with one reaching number one.

What genre is Showaddywaddy?

PopShowaddywaddy / Genre

Did Showaddywaddy write their own songs?

Showaddywaddy may have a reputation as a covers band, but much of the band’s recorded material was from their own hand. Whilst original songwriting was credited to all eight members, it was primarily Dave and Trevor that wrote songs, either in their own right or in collaboration.

Who is Cheryl Dublin?

Cheryl, 36, is a managing director at DD9 in Cheshire, according to her LinkedIn profile. She used to be an air hostess with Virgin, where she travelled around the world to places such as Shanghai and New York. She has also volunteered for Pet Blood Bank before.

Where is Dion Dublin from?

Leicester, United KingdomDion Dublin / Place of birth

How many number 1s did Mud have?

three Number 1 singles
Mud have picked up a string of Top 20 hits including three Number 1 singles; this includes a Christmas Number 1 in 1974 with Lonely This Christmas.

Who wrote Mud songs?

After signing to Rak Records and teaming up with songwriters/producers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, the band had fourteen UK Top 20 hits between 1973 and 1976, including three number ones.

Is Showaddywaddy lead singer alive?

One of the original members of the Leicester band Showaddywaddy has died aged 64, following a long illness. Bill “Buddy Gask” spent 14 years with the Teddy Boy-styled group and sang lead vocals on the band’s first hit single Hey Rock ‘n’ Roll in 1974.

Who are Showaddywaddy?

Showaddywaddy were formed in 1973 in Leicester, from two groups, Choise and Golden Hammers. Choise wrote and performed original material and at the time of the formation of Showaddywaddy featured Dave Bartram, Trevor Oakes, Al James and Romeo Challenger.

What happened to Malcolm Allured and Buddy Gask?

Malcolm Allured left the group in 1984, followed by Russ Field in 1985, and Buddy Gask in 1987. Gask retired to Spain in 2005, and died in 2011 after suffering with ill health for a number of years.

Do Showaddywaddy still tour?

Despite the hits drying up over three decades ago, Showaddywaddy have continued to tour, and still do around 100 dates a year in the UK and Europe.

What was Showaddywaddy’s last single?

After their first single, Showaddywaddy went on to have a further 22 UK hits until late summer 1982. Their most recent chart single was ” Who Put the Bomp “, a number 37 hit in 1982, which they also promoted in their final Top of the Pops performance.