How much is the parking fee at klia2?

How much is the parking fee at klia2?

There are 5,800 parking bays available gateway@klia2 shopping mall….Public Parking Rates.

Hours Rates (MYR)
1st – 3rd hour or part thereof 4.00/hour
4rd – 6th hour or part thereof 3.00/hour
7th – 9th hour or part thereof 3.00/hour
10th hour and above or part thereof 2.00/hour

Can I park my car at klia2?

Car Park Features One of the obvious improvements is a more easily accessible car park, gateway@klia2 hosts a 8-storey car park that directly adjoins the Main Terminal, and accommodates over 5,600 vehicles. The car park is fully gated.

Where can I park at klia2?

Cheaper Parking Near KLIA and KLIA2 in 2022

  • Salak Tinggi Park & Ride (Salak Tinggi KLIA Transit)
  • Long Term Parking (LTCP) Near Malaysia Airports Training Centre.
  • KLIA Long Term Parking Block A.
  • Gateway @ KLIA2.
  • Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) @ Bandar Tasik Selatan.
  • Putrajaya Sentral (Putrajaya Park & Ride)

How do I pay for KLIA parking?

Short Term Car Park You can make the parking payment at the parking machine or by Touch ‘n Go at the exit. There are additional charges on top of the normal parking fee if you want to park at the KLIA Preferred Parking (Block B & Block C Level 2).

How do I get to public transport from klia2?

You can take the bus service by going to Transport Hub, Level 1, gateway@klia2….Metered Service.

Service Providers Routes
YoYo KLIA – Aman Jaya klia2 – Yong Peng – Larkin/JB – Tun Aminah
Smart Selangor klia2 – ERL Kota Warisan klia2 – ERL Salak Tinggi
Perak Transit Ipoh
Sri Maju Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar

Is there valet parking at KLIA?

For added convenience, you can choose to use the KLIA Valet Parking facility. It is fully guarded by 24-hour security surveillance cameras.

Can I use Touch n Go for KLIA Transit?

Yes. You can use your Touch ‘n Go card at the gate.

How much is overnight parking at KLIA?

The Long Term Car Park for KLIA / klia2 is gated, equipped with 24-hour security and well lit. Most importantly, it accommodates 6,000 sheltered parking lots for the public. The public can now have the option to park their vehicles at the “Long Term Car Park” area at a rate of RM2. 50 for every hour or RM32 per day.

How do I board KLIA Transit?

KLIA Transit services at klia2 You will buy the train ticket at the ticket counter / ticket machine on Level 2 and then take the escalator to go down to Level 1 to board the KLIA Transit train. On the klia2 to KL Sentral route, the first train starts at 5:18am and the last train starts at 12:59am.

Can you transit in KLIA?

You will not be able to leave the transit area in KLIA between flights. Transit between terminals KLIA and KLIA2 will not be possible during this period. Transit flights are allowed within 24 hours only.

Can I transit from KLIA to KLIA2?

Passengers with connecting flights between KLIA and klia2 can enjoy the free round-the-clock shuttle transfer services between the two terminals. The shuttle route is from KLIA – klia2 – Long Term Car Park (LTCP) – KLIA. This service is available at the frequency of every 10 minutes from all stops.