How much is a Toyota Aurion Sportivo?

How much is a Toyota Aurion Sportivo?

Interested in a Toyota Aurion? You could expect to pay $14,200 – 20,020 based on third party pricing data.

How long does an Aurion last?

The Aurion should easily run beyond 200,000km without major mechanical dramas but, with local production of the Camry winding down, it would be a good idea to have a replacement plan in place.

What is Toyota Sportivo?

The Toyota Sportivo Coupe is a concept car developed by Toyota Australia. The car is most notable for not only its decidedly high-tech design, but that it was designed by a group of teenagers (ages 14–18). Key design elements include a speedometer in which the speed limit always occupies the 12 o’clock position.

Is a Aurion a luxury car?

Toyota Aurion an attainable luxury car.

How long do Toyota V6 engines last?

The average Toyota engine will last between 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles. This means that the engine in your Toyota model should run in good condition for 16 to 20 years before wearing out.

Is Toyota Aurion same as Camry?

The Toyota Aurion /ˈɔːriən/ is a mid-size car produced by Toyota in Australia and parts of Asia from 2006 to 2017. In the two generations it was produced, the Aurion was derived from the equivalent Camry….

Toyota Aurion
Manufacturer Toyota
Also called Toyota Camry
Production 2006–2017

What engine does a Sportivo have?

litre 2ZZ-GE engine
Corolla Sportivo has Toyota’s state-of-the-art 1.8-litre 2ZZ-GE engine with intelligent variable valve timing and variable lift.

Is Camry Sportivo a good car?

While there’s nothing really wrong with the Sportivo’s on-road performance – it’s respectably strong and flexible around town – it lacks the refinement, charm and all-round effervescence of its rivals. And alongside the Honda’s superb six-speed manual, the Camry’s five-speeder feels a tad clunky and agricultural.

Why did Toyota stop making Aurion?

According to Toyota Australia sales and marketing managing director Tony Cramb, the move was a response to slowing sales in the medium and large car segments – suggesting that supporting two separate nameplates would be unsustainable.

Does a 2007 Toyota Aurion have a timing belt?

Answered by CarsGuide The Aurion has the V6 engine, which has a timing chain, so there’s no call for routine replacement as there would be if it had a belt.

When did Toyota stop making the Aurion?

It was discontinued in Japan in July 2017 and in Southeast Asia in late 2018, and it was replaced by the TNGA-based XV70 Camry.