How much is a pastrami sandwich at Langers?

How much is a pastrami sandwich at Langers?

Langer’s Delicatessen & Restaurant Menu Prices

Item Price Change
#44 Hot Pastrami (Full Sandwich) (Sandwiches) $19.95 – –
Pastrami on French Roll (Full Sandwich) Hot pastrami and mustard on French roll. *No Substitutions* $18.95 – –

What should I get at Langers?

While the entire Langer’s menu is chock-full of Jewish specialties, the most famous order of them all is the #19: the most absolutely perfect cut of pastrami, swiss cheese, and homemade coleslaw sandwiched between two slices of their famous twice-baked rye bread.

What is Langer’s known for?

Founded in 1947, Langer’s is known for its No. 19 pastrami on rye sandwich, described by the Los Angeles Times as “the Marilyn Monroe of pastrami sandwiches”.

When did Langer’s open?

Opened in 1947 with just 12 seats, almost forced out of business by recession and the urban blight of drugs and gangs in the early 1990s, then rescued by — of all things in Los Angeles, a subway! — Langer’s lives on, serving what many deli aficionadoes on both coasts consider the best pastrami sandwich in America.

Where does Langers get their pastrami?

Now, Giamela and Langer have carved out their own distinct partnership, with Giamela insisting that while RC Provision sells its wares to a host of other L.A. delis—including Art’s, Canter’s and Brent’s —the meat he supplies for Langer’s famous pastrami sandwiches is a cut above.

Where does Langers get their rye bread?

Fred’s Bakery
the bread For decades, Langer’s has been buying rye bread from Fred’s Bakery on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Is Langers Made in USA?

At Langers we could not make such great tasting juice without using the best fruit grown. That’s why we’re pleased to bring you our 100% USA grown Concord Grape Juice.

Who owns Langers Juice?

Langer Juice, with its 200 employees, is still headed by its founder, Nathan Langer, now in his 70’s, while the firm’s day-to-day operations fall to his two sons, Bruce, 40, and David, 44. A third son, Dennis, is a vice president with pharmaceutical firm SmithKline Beecham in Philadelphia.

Who makes Langers pastrami?

RC Provisions
A Lot of the Best Pastrami in Town Comes from This One Supplier in the Valley. RC Provisions has been quietly making some of L.A.’s favorite cured meats. The pastrami at Langer’s? It’s actually made by RC.

Who owns Langers juice?

Who distributes Langers juice?

Langers Juices – Straub Distributing.

Where is Langers juice from?

City of Industry, CA
Langer Juice Company is located in City of Industry, CA.

Is Langers juice Healthy?

Langers Mango Nectar “This ‘juice’ is very misleading since the actual fruit is the third ingredient on this list, after water and added sugar,” says Palinski-Wade. “With 21 grams of added sugar per serving, this juice cocktail is best avoided.”

Does apple juice make you poop?

Apple juice may provide you with a very gentle laxative effect. It’s often recommended for children who have constipation because it has a relatively high ratio of fructose to glucose and sorbitol content. But for this reason, it may also cause intestinal discomfort in large doses.

What did Naked Juice get in trouble for?

N has been accused in a lawsuit of misleading shoppers into believing its Naked juices and smoothies primarily contain “high-value” ingredients such as kale, when the main ingredient is often cheaper, less nutritious apple juice.