How much does Josh Altman sell?

How much does Josh Altman sell?

He’s augmented his talent for selling and flipping houses with a popular reality show, “Million Dollar Listings,”. The brokerage firm he runs with his brother sells over $100 million worth of property every year. Altman himself is believed to be worth approximately $30 million.

What episode Josh Flagg slap Josh Altman?

Watch Josh Altman Gets Slapped | Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Season 6 – Episode 12 Video.

Did Flagg and Altman sell the razor house?

In the Season 12 premiere of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, real estate agents Josh Altman and Josh Flagg were tasked with selling a $30 million mansion nicknamed “The Razor House.” It’s unclear if it will be documented this season, but the property has since been purchased by a celeb couple: Alicia Keys and her …

Did Josh Flagg slap Josh Altman?

Heck, Flagg even slapped Altman during an explosive season six fight. But all that has changed. While chatting about next week’s season 13 premiere of MDLLA, Altman told E! News, “It’s kind of fun to see how the world changes, not only in real estate, but also people and how they evolve and how relationships evolve.”

Are Josh Flagg and Josh Altman still friends?

The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles agents share a look inside their budding friendship. It’s no secret that Josh Altman and Josh Flagg have gone through their fair share of ups and downs over the years.

Are Altman and Flagg friends?

“I mean, they actually were friends before we were.” Altman adds, “It was super awkward when we were enemies, and this is no joke. Our parents reached out to each other on Facebook, and they said, I know our kids hate each other, but you seem like a nice person, a nice mom. If you ever need anything…

Did Casa Oceana sell?

A balcony view from Casa Oceana. The 1.28-acre property with 225 feet of ocean frontage sold for $7.25 million in 2020.

What did Fredrik Eklund do to Josh?

He referenced an icon award that he accused Eklund of faking in the 11th season of the show and the aforementioned allegation that Eklund leaked the news Josh Flagg was moving to another real estate company.