How much does it cost to raft in Colorado?

How much does it cost to raft in Colorado?

For a single person, full-day and half-day whitewater rafting prices can range from $30 to $350 USD. A full-day typically ranges from $120 to $350 USD for adults and $130 to $200 USD for youth. This may include lunch and optional activities. Half-day costs range from $30 to $100 USD for both adults and youth.

Can you white water raft in Denver?

Denver is one seriously fun metropolis, but drive just a few miles from the city and you’re suddenly surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks and some of the most stunning scenery imaginable. Indeed, you can have it all with AVA’s Denver whitewater rafting, ziplining, via ferrata, and train ride adventures!

Do I need a permit to raft in Colorado?

Currently, you need only a day use permit to raft or kayak the Upper Colorado River Recreation Area from Pumphouse to State Bridge or Dotsero.

How much does it cost to white water raft in Colorado?

Full Day (5+ hrs) white water rafting costs = $65 – $110 per person (full day trips typically include lunch)

Can you raft down the entire Colorado River?

Considering this, kayaking the entire Colorado River in one go is not possible. Generally, paddlers take 14 to 21 days to complete the tedious journey from Lee’s Ferry to Diamond Creek. However, people with class III-IV skills can only kayak through these rivers.

Is there a weight limit for white water rafting?

The short answer is no. There is no hard and fast weight limit for whitewater rafting. The longer answer is that weight could impact some other factors that play into whether you should go on a trip with us. But we will not dictate whether you can go out on the water based on your weight alone.

How long are Clear Creek Rafting trips?

With very little time to warm up, rafters drop right into Class IV-V whitewater that is fast and furious. The Clear Creek Advanced 1/2 day raft trip is for experienced paddlers only. With very little time to warm up, rafters drop right into Class IV-V whitewater that is fast, wild and non-stop!

How long does it take to raft the Colorado River?

Consider the amount of time you have for your adventure of a lifetime. The Full Canyon experience can be had in a minimum of 7 days in a motorized raft or can last up to 15 days in an oar-powered raft.

What do you need to raft?

Packing for a Rafting Trip – What to Bring

  1. Good River Shoes. The cheap slip-on things and flip-flops just don’t cut it when it comes to walking on slippery river rocks.
  2. Lotion.
  3. Extra Plastic Bag for Wet Clothes.
  4. Emergen-C (or whatever you use to boost your immune system)
  5. Tape.
  6. Camp ‘Slippers’
  7. Small Ground Blanket.
  8. Sarong.

Should I tip raft guide?

The amount you tip is really up to you. Raft guiding is considered a service industry and many people believe anyone in the service industry, like restaurants, hotel employees, and hairdressers, should get between 10 % to 20% of the total cost of the service.

How long does it take to raft the entire Colorado River?

The Full Canyon experience can be had in a minimum of 7 days in a motorized raft or can last up to 15 days in an oar-powered raft.

Can fat people go river rafting?

Q: I’m very overweight. Can I go rafting? A: Because it can be very difficult to pull overweight people back into the boat, you should do the Float trip, where there is little risk of falling out of the boat. Our weight limit is 275 lbs.

What is the best time to go white water rafting?

Spring. Late May to late June, springtime runoff from snowmelt makes for the most exciting time of rafting season for whitewater, with cooler river temperatures and smaller crowds.

What class are the rapids in Clear Creek?

Our Clear Creek rafting trips are perfect for the experienced whitewater enthusiast, offering Class IV-V whitewater that is fast and wild.

What river is Clear Creek Rafting on?

Clear Creek Rafting Company guides rafting trips on two of Colorado’s most popular rivers—Clear Creek just west of Denver and the Arkansas River at the Royal Gorge near Colorado Springs.

What do you wear on a raft trip?

Sport sandals that strap on, tennis shoes, and water shoes all work very well. Flip flops are NOT recommended. SWIMSUIT to wear under wetsuit -or- to wear with personal nylon SHORTS OR PANTS. Quick-dry fabrics work best; avoid cotton, as it retains water and will make you cold on the river.

Are Crocs good for white water rafting?

Inappropriate Shoes If you don’t pick the right shoes, they’ll fly off during your trip! Inappropriate shoes to wear when white water rafting include flip flops, crocs, high heels, and cowboy boots.

Where can I go rafting near Denver CO?

Denver Adventures is located 30 miles south west of Denver in Conifer, CO. AVA Rafting & Zipline is located 30 miles west of Denver in the National Forest in Idaho Springs, CO. What is the best rafting near Denver?

What are the different levels of rafting in Colorado?

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced trips are available, providing options for all ages and abilities. Come and enjoy the best recreation opportunity that Colorado has to offer! Whitewater rafting combines natural beauty, a group of your best friends, family or co-workers and an exciting and fun activity.

Why choose liquid descent for Colorado rafting?

Your whitewater professional will be the single most important factor in determining the quality of your Colorado rafting experience. At Liquid Descent, your guide will not only be a competent and well-trained river runner, but a straight-up cool and genuine person as well.

When is the Denver rafting season?

The Denver rafting season typically starts near the end of April and can go through August. Rafting season does depend on the snow pack from the previous winter so depending on the year the season can be shorter or longer.