How much does it cost to put up a chain linked fence?

How much does it cost to put up a chain linked fence?

A chain-link fence costs $9 to $30 per foot installed. Chain-link fence installation costs $1,350 to $3,900 on average. Chain-link fence prices are $4 to $15 per foot for materials and $5 to $15 per linear foot for labor. Estimates depend on the fence height, material, gauge, and coating.

How much does it cost to install 30 ft of chain-link fence?

You’ll spend $8 to $40 per linear foot (including installation) depending on the height and material type you choose. However, the average homeowner most commonly pays in the $10 to $20 per linear foot range. You’ll usually find fencing quotes with either a total project or per foot pricing.

How much does 6ft chain link fencing cost?


HEIGHT OF FENCE PRICE RANGE * includes materials and professional labor costs
4 feet $9 – $19 per linear foot
6 feet $11 – $24 per linear foot
8 feet $13 – $27 per linear foot
10 feet $16 – $31 per linear foot

How long does it take to install chain link fence?

How long will it take to install a chain-link fence? Professional fence companies may be able to install your chain-link fence in one day. More commonly, expect the process to take two or three days. You’ll need one day for the posts to fully set in the concrete and another day to install the fence.

Do you have to use concrete for chain link fence posts?

You can install a chain link fence without using concrete, but it is not recommended. Anchoring each fence post in concrete is the best way to ensure your fence will stand straight and tall for many years.

How deep do chain link fence posts need to be in the ground?

As a general rule, Fencing Direct recommends at least a 24-inch footing depth for a 4-foot fence, plus an extra 3 inches for every foot of height (for example, 27 inches for a 5-foot post). The minimum hole diameter should measure four times the largest cross-section of the post.

How deep should chain link posts be?

How far apart should posts be on a chain link fence?

4-10′ apart
SPACING FENCE POSTS As chain link fence posts are smaller and sturdier than many other types, the holes should be smaller and can be farther apart. Follow the fence manufacturer’s instructions for spacing, which typically ranges from 4-10′ apart—spacing should not exceed 10′ on-center.

Do I need concrete for chain link fence posts?

Should you concrete chain link fence posts?