How much does asist training cost?

How much does asist training cost?

The cost is $200 per person, including materials and light refreshments. The location address will be disclosed upon registration. Approximately one week prior to the workshop, all registered participants will receive a reminder email with additional details.

How much does asist cost?

$5000 per person, which includes the training, Trainer materials, and 2 mentorships. Note: ASIST requires two Trainers. If you have two Trainers, there will be no additional cost.

Is asist training free?

ASIST Training. Cost: Free for community members, KSCS staff, and others who work with/in the community.

How long is asist training valid for?

three years
Certificate and Accreditation The ASIST certificate must be valid (three years and not have expired) to qualify for the extension.

Who should take asist training?

Who should attend an ASIST workshop? We mean it when we say that ASIST is for everyone. Virtually anyone aged 16 and older can learn the skills to intervene and save a life from suicide. Professionals as well as members of the community at large have all found great value in ASIST over the years.

What is asist suicide?

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide first aid. ASIST teaches participants to recognize when someone may have thoughts of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety.

What is QPR training?

QPR is a Suicidal Thinking, Behavior, Attempts prevention training for participants to be able to recognize the warning signs of Suicidal Thinking, Behavior, Attempts and question, persuade, and refer people at risk for Suicidal Thinking, Behavior, Attempts for help.

What is suicide intervention training?

ASIST is a 2-day intensive, interactive and practice-dominated course designed to help individuals recognize the risk of suicide, and learn how to intervene to prevent the risk of suicidal thoughts from becoming suicidal behaviours.

What is safe talk?

safeTALK is a LivingWorks ( suicide alertness program that teaches community members to recognize persons with thoughts of suicide and to connect them to suicide intervention resources.

How much does QPR cost?

One Time Cost of $29.95 The course takes approximately one hour to complete.

How long is QPR certification good for?

3 years
Any adult (18 years or older) can become a certified instructor after receiving a minimum of 8 hours of formal instruction. After completing this instruction, the instructor is certified for 3 years, although annual booster sessions are recommended.

Why is safeTALK important?

safeTALK-trained helpers are an important part of suicide-safer communities, working alongside intervention resources to identify and avert suicide risks. Over the course of their training, safeTALK participants will learn to: Notice and respond to situations where suicide thoughts might be present.

What is the purpose of safeTALK?

safeTALK is a half-day training in suicide alertness. It helps participants recognize a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them with resources who can help them in choosing to live.

Who is QPRS owner?

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What does QPR training consist of?

The process follows three steps: (1) Question the individual’s desire or intent regarding suicide, (2) Persuade the person to seek and accept help, and (3) Refer the person to appropriate resources. Trainees receive a QPR booklet and wallet card as a review and resource tool that includes local referral resources.

How old do you have to be to take safeTALK?

safeTALK is designed for anyone age 15 or older, including many in more formal helping roles. The steps learned in safeTALK have helped participants from all walks of life be alert to situations where suicide thoughts may be present.

What is a safe talk?

SafeTALK is a half-day training program that teaches participants to recognize and engage persons who might be having thoughts of suicide and to connect them with community resources trained in suicide intervention. SafeTALK stresses safety while challenging taboos that inhibit open talk about suicide.

What do you learn in safeTALK?

Over the course of their training, safeTALK participants will learn to: • Notice and respond to situations where suicide thoughts may be present, • Recognize that invitations for help are often overlooked, • Move beyond the common tendency to miss, dismiss, and avoid suicide, • Apply the TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen.