How much did Highland Park Village sell for?

How much did Highland Park Village sell for?

$171 million
The purchase price: $171 million, or $684 for each of the shopping center’s 250,000 square feet. As far as anyone knows, that’s the highest price ever paid in Dallas for that much retail real estate. Probably it is the highest price ever paid for an existing shopping center anywhere in the Southwest.

Who is the owner of Highland Park Village?

Ray Washburne
Ray Washburne owns Highland Park Village with his wife, Heather Washburne, and in-laws Elisa and Stephen Summers. They bought the shopping center in 2009.

Who owns fachini Dallas?

Julian Barsotti
Julian Barsotti, chef-owner of four Italian restaurants in Dallas (Nonna, Sprezza, Carbone’s and Fachini), plans to open two new restaurants in fall 2021. The big one, named Odelay, will be “an homage to Dallas Tex-Mex,” he says.

What do people who live in Highland Park do for a living?

Overall, Highland Park is a town of managers, professionals, and sales and office workers. There are especially a lot of people living in Highland Park who work in management occupations (32.05%), sales jobs (17.51%), and business and financial occupations (12.03%).

When did Highland Park Village open?

1931Highland Park Village / Opened

Who owns Cocina Dallas?

M Crowd Restaurant Group
Mi Cocina is owned and operated by M Crowd Restaurant Group, which is privately held, and currently has restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma with plans to open additional locations nationally.

Who owns Nona in Dallas?

Chef Julian Barsotti
Nonna owner to open Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas this fall Chef Julian Barsotti, who owns some of Dallas’s most beloved Italian restaurants, will open two more new restaurants in the city later this year, including a spot that will pay homage to the city’s Tex-Mex cuisine.

Is Highland Park Rich?

Based on the 2016 data, Highland Park — home to nearly 9,200 residents — sits at No. 9 among the country’s wealthiest communities and is the richest place in Texas, according to Bloomberg.

Why is Highland Park so rich?

It’s no secret why Highland Park attracts so many rich conservatives. It has a prime location near Dallas’ financial center and one of the lowest property tax rates in a state with no income tax. Yet it has one of the nation’s best school systems and an average emergency response time of 2.5 minutes.

Who owns mesero?

Trey Dyer, president and CEO of Mesero Restaurant Group, says he is pursuing legal action against the restaurateur.

What’s in a mambo taxi at Mi Cocina?

MI COCINA’S MAMBO TAXI! Chances are if you live in Dallas and drink tequila, you’ve had this cocktail. The icy mix of Sausa Silver tequila, lime juice, house-made Pinot Noir sangria, and brandy is a popular Tex-Mex staple. So popular, in fact, that you deemed it your favorite.

Where are the most spectacular Christmas lights in Dallas?

The 9 Best Places in DFW to See Holiday Lights

  • Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie.
  • Gift of Lights at Texas Motor Speedway.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum.
  • Tour of Lights in Farmers Branch.
  • Interlochen Lights in Arlington.
  • The Christmas Tree in Highland Park.
  • Deerfield Holiday Lights in Plano.

Where is Highland Park village in Texas?

/  32.83583°N 96.80556°W  / 32.83583; -96.80556 /  32.83583°N 96.80556°W  / 32.83583; -96.80556 Jct. of Preston Rd. and Mockingbird Ln. Highland Park Village is an upscale shopping plaza located at the southwest corner of Mockingbird Lane and Preston Road in Highland Park, Texas and was the first self-contained shopping center in America.

What makes Highland Park Village so special?

From revered fashion and lifestyle boutiques to exquisite dining and impeccable service, Highland Park Village offers an unprecedented luxury experience in a historic open-air setting.

How do I get floor plans for Highland Park Village?

Contact or stop by the Highland Park Village leasing office to see available floor plans. Highland Park Village is an apartment located in Potter County and the 79111 ZIP Code. This area is served by the Amarillo Independent School District attendance zone.

What upscale stores are located in Highland Park Village?

As of 2021 the following upscale stores are currently located exclusively at Highland Park Village: 1 Alexander McQueen 2 Carolina Herrera 3 Celine 4 Christian Dior 5 Chanel 6 Fendi (Men and women’s flagship) 7 Goyard 8 Hermes 9 Tom Ford 10 Valentino