How much ballast weight do I need on my tractor?

How much ballast weight do I need on my tractor?

130 pounds is a common weight used per PTO horsepower. The weight split should be 35-40% of the weight in the front, and 60-65% of the weight to the rear. Some manufacturers recommend a 35-65% weight split as it makes it easier to control power hop.

How much weight can a ballast box hold?

1,100 lbs.
It improves traction by balancing and shifting the weight from your equipment’s weaker front end to its more solid rear end. This ballast box has been engineered to hold up to 1,100 lbs. of weight, so you can fill it up with either concrete, sand, steel, gravel, or rocks.

How do you measure a tractor ballast?

Ballast Weight Formula To calculate the ballast weight, multiply the horsepower by 110, then subtract the current weight of the tractor without ballast.

How much weight should I add to front of tractor?

“For front-wheel-drive tractors, you’ll want weight on the rear axle of the tractor,” Harris says. Taylor suggests putting 35% to 40% of weight on the front axle of front-wheel-drive tractors.

What are tractor weights made of?

Product Description

Manufacturer Vietnam Cast Iron Company
Material Cast Iron
Design Customer Request
Application Compact Tractor
Weight 41lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs, 70lbs, 41lbs, 100lbs or Customized

How much ballast do I need for a compact tractor?

You should use no more or less than the weight recommended by the manufacturer. Here’s a chart to help you decided when to add or remove ballast. As a general rule of thumb, compact utility tractors best split their weight like this: 40/60 front/rear weight ratio for ground-engaging work.

Can I use RV antifreeze in my tractor tires?

It should be fine. We mixed regular antifreeze and water in the desired ratio (we used 1gl reg antifreeze and 10gl water I think) and put it in a 200gl tote.