How much are dune rides at Silverlake?

How much are dune rides at Silverlake?

Same prices as 2020, $20.00 Adults, $12.00 children under 12. No reservations required/first come first served. Tour and school groups please call for reservations. Mac Wood’s gives you a fun-filled, safe seven mile dune ride over the beautiful Silver Lake sand dunes.

Does Sleeping Bear Dunes have dune rides?

The National Park was created to protect the dunes, so no, there are no dune buggy rides at Sleeping Bear Dunes at any time of year.

Can you drive on Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Lake Michigan has the largest deposit of fresh water sand dunes on earth, and Silver Lake Sand Dunes are the only dunes east of the Mississippi River where you are allowed to ride a private motorized vehicle.

Which is better Sleeping Bear Dunes or Silver Lake dunes?

Silver Lake is more for the off-road vehicle scene. So if you want dune buggies and things of that nature head to Silver Lake. If you are hoping to see the dunes in a more natural state, look to Sleeping Bear.

What is the biggest dune in Michigan?

Whitefish Dunes State Park, located in Sturgeon Bay has the highest sand dunes in the state. The tallest dune, “Old Baldy,” is 93 feet above lake level.

What is the best sand dunes in Michigan?

6 Places to Discover Amazing Sand Dunes in Michigan

  • Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore – Empire.
  • Saugatuck Dunes State Park – Saugatuck.
  • Silver Lake Sand Dunes – Hart, Mears and Pentwater.
  • Grand Sable Banks and Dunes – Munising.
  • Warren Dunes State Park – Sawyer.
  • Arcadia Dunes – Arcadia.

Do I need a voucher for Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Dune-ready vouchers no longer required at Silver Lake State Park ORV Area. Silver Lake State Park changes ORV area entry system to make it quicker, more efficient.

Which is better Indiana Dunes or Michigan dunes?

Indiana Dunes has more diversity, but for sheer beauty and remoteness this park easily beats the Indiana Dunes in my book. I was traveling on business to South Bend, and this park is about 35 minutes away.

Can you walk Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Those looking to walk around the dunes can use the pedestrian entrance just south of here off Shore Drive.

What do you need to go on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Here is What You Will Need: Please read: To take your vehicle on Silver Lake Sand Dunes you must have all current permits including: ORV Permit, ORV Trails Permit, Recreation Passport, 4-wheel drive vehicle, tires with a max of 15 PSI, and a safety flag.

Can you ride dune buggies at Indiana Dunes?

Personal motorized watercraft, dune buggies, and ATVs are strictly prohibited within the park boundaries.

What do I need for Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

What are the requirements to take my vehicle on the Dunes? To take your vehicle on the Dunes you must have all current permits including: ORV Permit, ORV Trails Permit, and Recreation Passport; a 4-wheel drive vehicle, tires with a max of 15PSI, and a safety flag.

How old do you have to be to drive at Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

12 – 16 years of age
Helmets are required to operate ATVs and motorcycles in parking lot as well as in dunes. Special regulations for unlicensed and young (12 – 16 years of age) operators. Headlight(s), taillight(s) and brake light(s) required on vehicles ½ hour after sunset. ATVs and motorcycles: operator only, no passengers at any time.

Are helmets required at Silver Lake Sand Dunes?

Yes, motorbikes and ATVs are permitted on the Dunes with a safety flag and spark arrestor. Goggles and helmets are also required.

What to do in Silver Lake in Dune?

You will also want to visit the Dune Mountain Gift Shop at Mac Wood’s, the largest gift shop in Silver Lake, featuring souvenirs, gifts, shirts, toys, light snacks and much more! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is a Mac wood’s Dune ride?

You are hosted by knowledgeable drivers who understand the history and environment of the constantly changing sand mountains. A Mac Wood’s Dune Ride is a thrilling experience! To climb to the summit and see spread in all directions such a vast panorama is breathtaking!

When do dune rides open?

Opening again on May 13th, 2022. Mac Wood’s Dune Rides will open May 13th – October 2nd for the 2022 season. Our hours of operation are somewhat dependent upon the weather conditions, so please call us at (231) 873-2817, to ensure that we are open.

What are the best dune rides in West Michigan?

Mac Woods Dune Rides is a great activity to plan for if you are in the West Michigan area. It is a 40 minute tour onto the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The dunes are managed by the Michigan DNR.