How many sectors are there in Islamabad?

How many sectors are there in Islamabad?

Islamabad Capital Territory is divided into eight zones: Administrative Zone, Commercial District, Educational Sector, Industrial Sector, Diplomatic Enclave, Residential Areas, Rural Areas and Green Area.

How can I understand sectors in Islamabad?

Each square shaped sector is named by combining Latin letters and numerals together. The sector letters increase north to south from A to O, while sector number increases east to west from 1 to 20. However, at present time, sectors A to I and 5 to 18 are currently open for urban development.

What is Islamabad master plan?

The long-term plan was that Islamabad would eventually encompass Rawalpindi entirely, stretching to the West of the historic Grand Trunk road. As per Master Plan, the metropolitan area of Islamabad was divided into three major parts i.e Islamabad, National Park (Islamabad Park), Rawalpindi and the Cantonment.

Which are CDA sectors in Islamabad?

Popular CDA sectors around new Islamabad international airport

  • Current status of cooperative societies.
  • G-15 or Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society (JKCHS)
  • G-16 or Ministry of Interior Cooperative Housing Society MICHS.
  • B-17 or Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS)

Is d13 a CDA sector?

CDA’s sectors E-12, C-13, C-14, C-15, C-16, H-16, I-17, F-13, E-13, D-13, 1-12, E-12, Kurri and Rehara are yet to be developed.

Which sectors are under CDA Islamabad?

Which CDA sector is best for investment in Islamabad?

Meanwhile, let us take a look at the best CDA sectors to invest in Islamabad.

  • Sectors C-15 and C-16. Land acquisitions in these sectors are still ongoing and recently launched by CDA.
  • Sector E-12.
  • Sector G-14.
  • Sector I-11.

Which is the most expensive area in Islamabad?

E-7: This sector is considered to be the most expensive sector in Islamabad. It is the home to many diplomats and foreign consulates. F-6: F-6 is considered to be the second most expensive sector. The sector is home to the city’s most expensive markets Kousar and the Supermarket.

Where can I invest in Islamabad 2021?

Top Best Housing Schemes in Islamabad 2021-22

  • Gulbery Housing Scheme.
  • Defense Housing Scheme.
  • Bahria Housing Scheme.
  • Top city 1.
  • Capital Smart City.
  • Sigma Housing.
  • Ghori Town.
  • Faisal Town.

Who designed Islamabad master plan?

2.1. Doxiadis planned Islamabad on a grid-iron pattern. The fundamental grid of 2000 x 2000 meters divides the city into 84 sectors, the other is the ‘natural’ grid created by ravines flowing through the entire site area. This, by no means, is the first attempt at reviewing the master plan.

What is master plan architecture?

A master plan is a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments.

Is g16 CDA approved?

Layout Plan: Lay out plan (LOP) for phase 2 of sector G-16 has been submitted to CDA and has been approved.

Which CDA sector is best for investment?

Which is the best sector to invest in Islamabad?

Which sectors of Islamabad is expensive?

The 9 Most Expensive Sectors in Islamabad

Sectors Expensive Sub-Sector/Road Estimated House Prices Upto (Rs.)
F-6 Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Hill Rd, School Rd 27 – 35 Crore
F-8 Kohistan Rd, Kaghan Road, Park Rd 20 – 30 Crore
F-10 F-10/2, Sumbal Road 10 – 25 Crore
G-6 Ataturk Avenue 15 – 38 Crore

Which area is best for investment in Islamabad?

Now let’s discuss in detail that where are the best places to buy investment property in Islamabad.

  • #1. Capital Smart City Islamabad.
  • #2. Park View City Islamabad.
  • #3. Nova City Islamabad.
  • #7. Green Oaks Islamabad.
  • #9. The Aquatic Mall Islamabad.
  • #10. Khanial Homes Islamabad.

Which sector is good for investment in Islamabad?

CDA sectors are part of the Islamabad master plan with advanced infrastructure. Investment in CDA sectors is considered secure with no chance of fraud and encroachment.

Is Islamabad a well planned city?

The city was built during the 1960’s to replace Karachi as Pakistan’s capital. Islamabad is a well-organized and most developed city divided into different sectors and zones.

Who was the architect of Islamabad?

Doxiadis (also Konstantinos; 14 May 1913 – 28 June 1975), often cited as C. A. Doxiadis, was a Greek architect and town planner. He was known as the lead architect of Islamabad, the new capital of Pakistan in the 1960s, and later as the father of ekistics, which concerns the science of human settlements.