How many Gintama episodes are there in total?

How many Gintama episodes are there in total?

367Gintama / Number of episodes

What order should I watch Gintama in?

1. Release Order

  1. Gintama (2006-2010) Season 1 (Episodes 1-49) Season 2 (Episodes 50-99) Season 3 (Episodes 100-150)
  2. Gintama’ (2011)
  3. Gintama’: Enchousen (2012)
  4. Gintama° (2015)
  5. Gintama. ( 2017)
  6. Gintama.: Slip Arc (2017)
  7. Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc (2018)
  8. Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc – Second Half War (2018)

How many season Gintama has?

The seasons of Gintama are: Gintama, season 1, 49 episodes, 2006-2007. Gintama, season 2, 50 episodes, 2007-2008. Gintama, season 3, 51 episodes, 2008-2009.

Is it necessary to watch Gintama 2006?

Gintama is a classic anime that almost everyone knows, even if they did not watch it, the name is pretty famous on its own. Gintama mixes comic and intense action scenes wonderfully, but it is not an anime that you can easily watch in one go, so you can take your time to enjoy it.

What is the best arc in Gintama?

The Best Gintama Arcs

  • Benizakura. The Benizakura arc is rightfully popular because it showed that Gintama should be mentioned among the other great shounen anime.
  • Shinsengumi Crisis.
  • Ghost Ryokan.
  • Yoshiwara in Flames.
  • Otsu.
  • Tama Quest.
  • Kabukicho Four Devas.
  • Farewell, Shinsengumi.

How old is gintoki?

5 days ago
27 years old
Gintoki Sakata He is a fully grown adult at 27 years old, and his birthday is on the 10th of October. Gintoki is quite unique compared to the majority of Shonen protagonists, particularly being much older than characters like Luffy or Naruto, who are teenagers or even younger.

Can I skip Gintama filler?

You can skip the filler episode, they don’t contribute towards the story, although some of them are worth watching. So, do not skip any episodes as you will lose on the story and just skip filler episodes if you are only watching for story or if you do not have time.

Is Gintoki the strongest?

However, Gintoki’s physical strength is still nothing to scoff at, and he is probably the strongest known human so far, strong enough to even be recognized by Kamui, one of the strongest Yato in the series. He can destroy enormous pieces of machinery or drive his blunt bokuto through a man’s skull with ease.

How old is Kagura in Gintama: The Final?

Character Chart

Name Age Birthday
Gintoki Sakata 27 Oct 10
Shinpachi Shimura 16 Aug 12
Kagura 14 Nov 3
Toshiro Hijikata 27 May 5