How long will a 2011 Impala last?

How long will a 2011 Impala last?

Here is the short answer to how long Chevrolet Impala lasts? Given proper maintenance, a new Chevrolet Impala should last up to 150,000-200,000 miles. Based on this, we estimate a Chevy Impala can spend upwards of sixteen years on the road with minimal repairs in between.

How safe is the 2011 Chevy Impala?

In government crash testing, the Impala earned the highest possible five-star rating in frontal and side-impact crash tests. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the 2011 Impala its top ranking of “Good” in both its frontal-offset and side impact tests.

How much horsepower does a 2011 Impala have?

211 to 230 hp2011 Chevrolet Impala / Horsepower

How much does a 2011 Chevy Impala worth?

2011 Chevrolet Impala Value – $2,572-$7,828 | Edmunds.

Are there any recalls on 2011 Chevy Impala?

2011 Chevrolet Impala Recalls General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2005-2009 Buick LaCrosse, 2006-2011 Buick Lucerne, 2000-2005 Cadillac DeVille, 2006-2011 Cadillac DTS, 2006-2014 Chevrolet Impala, and 2006-2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo vehicles.

What are the problems with the 2011 Chevy Impala?

Transmission problems have been reported in some units of the 2011 Chevy Impala. Owners report hearing a loud noise from the transmission before it failed. They also noticed stuttering and jerking as their vehicles slowed down. Transmission problems have been reported in some units of the 2011 Chevy Impala.

What type of gas does a 2011 Chevy Impala take?

Flexible fuel2011 Chevrolet Impala / Fuel type

Is there any recalls on a 2011 Chevy Impala?

Does a 2011 Chevy Impala have transmission problems?

No, the 2011 Chevy Impala is not particularly a good car, with cheap interior materials, faulty transmissions, poor handling, and mediocre engines being the most common issues.

Does 2011 Chevy Impala have Bluetooth?

2011 Chevrolet Impala models are available with Bluetooth and the latest version of OnStar Gen 9.0. All 2011 Impalas come with body-color body side moldings. The Chevrolet Impala is front-wheel drive with a choice of two V6 engines.

Do all 2011 Chevy Impalas have Bluetooth?