How fast can a 212cc Predator engine go?

How fast can a 212cc Predator engine go?

The top speed of your go-kart with a predator 212 engine will be 20-30 mph, the exact top speed will depend on the drive wheel’s diameter, gear ratio, and the engine’s rpm (3600 for a Predator 212).

How much horsepower can you get out of a 212cc Predator engine?

With an output of 6.5 hp, and a displacement of 212cc it can pretty much power any type of go-kart.

When did Yerf Dog go out of business?

In 2005 Yerf-Dog the motor drive division of FF Acquisition Corp (dba Flexible Flyer), closed its operation and manufacturing. At that time their parts and inventory were auctioned off.

Do they still make YERF dog?

Are YERF Dog Go-Karts still made?

Unfortunately, Yerf Dog go-karts are no longer in production since 2006.

How fast does a 6.5 hp go kart go?

40-45 mph
Engine puts out around 6.5hp. This is our most powerful go kart motor. Top Speed 40-45 mph- Kart can go even faster with upgrades.

How do you make a Predator engine faster?

We get asked the question quite often “How do you make a 212 cc predator go faster?”

  1. Small engines need three things: air, fuel and spark.
  2. “When you add more air and fuel into an engine, you get more torque and horsepower,which is the cheapest bang for your buck .”

How many hours will a predator engine last?

So in my case I’d be happy with 250-300 hrs which translates to 25-30 years. I would think a Predator should last at least 300 hrs.

How can I make my predator 212cc engine faster?

How much does a Yerf Dog cost?

You’ll be able to find a used Yerf Dog go-kart for about $300 – $1,000, with newer and better models being slightly more expensive.

How fast does a Yerf Dog Go-Kart Go?

Q: How fast will my Yerf-Dog Fun Kart go? A: The engines have a governor that limits their output and the karts top speed. The top speed of our karts with a 5 HP engine (1203A, 21203, etc.) is 20 to 24 mph. The top speed of our karts with a 6 HP engine (3002, 3200, 3202, 1410, etc.) is 30 to 34 mph.

What engine does a yerf Dog Go-Kart have?

The most common engines used on Yerf Dog go-karts are from Tecumseh. Let’s stick with the same example. The Yerf Dog go-kart model number 3202 with the part number Q43160W, is equipped with a Tecumseh 6 HP engine.

Can you buy used yerf Dogs Go Kart?

However, there is a big used market for Yerf Dogs and you’ll find them mostly in the United States. With a total of 20 million Yerf Dogs go-kart being sold, used models are available in almost every US state.

What do the numbers on a yerf dog go-kart mean?

Each part of a Yerf Dog go-kart has a unique number. This is also the case for the engines. As you can see, each part number has a corresponding engine brand and model. As an example, let’s take a look at the Yerf Dog 3202. The part number of the engine is listed as Q43160W.

What is the best yerf dog to buy?

Another favorite and best seller is the Yerf Dog 3002. This model comes with a gas-powered 6 hp Tecumseh engine and a torque converter. Due to its compact size and powerful performance, the 3002 is ideal for youths above the age of 16 years. Although its form factor is on the smaller side, it still has a maximum capacity of 2.