How does a technetium generator work?

How does a technetium generator work?

The generators are “milked” by drawing a saline solution across an inner molybdenum/alumina capsule; during this elution process any technetium that has formed will be drawn away with the saline and can then be used in tests.

How does a Tc 99m generator work?

Separation. Most commercial 99Mo/99mTc generators use column chromatography, in which 99Mo in the form of molybdate, MoO42− is adsorbed onto acid alumina (Al2O3). When the Mo-99 decays it forms pertechnetate TcO4−, which, because of its single charge, is less tightly bound to the alumina.

What is the purpose of99mo 99mTc generator?

The generator system provides us with a way to obtain 99mTc regularly and as a purified radionuclide separated from the parent 99Mo. The ability to remove 99mTc at regular intervals is very useful in an operating radiopharmacy.

How is a 99Mo 99mTc generator system eluted?

The elution vial in its shield is then pushed down onto the elution needle fully piercing the septum. The vacuum in the elution vial causes the saline to be drawn through the generator column thereby eluting the 99mTc activity.

How the Tc-99m is a particularly useful as imaging radionuclide?

Technetium-99m has a photopeak of gamma-ray emission of 140.5 keV, making it a very minimal risk of toxicity. [3] The short six-hour half-life and rapid excretion from the body limit toxic effects and give enough time to perform its diagnostic imaging, all while limiting radiation exposure to the patient.

What is the half-life of Tc 99m?

Molybdenum-99, with a half-life of 65.94 hours, decays into technetium -99 through beta decay.

What is the difference between technetium and technetium 99?

Technetium-99m is a short-lived form of Tc-99 that is used as a medical diagnostic tool. It has a short half-life (6 hours) and does not remain in the body or the environment for long. On this page: Technetium in the environment.

What does the M mean in technetium-99m?

Technetium-99m is a metastable nuclear isomer, as indicated by the “m” after its mass number 99. This means it is a decay product whose nucleus remains in an excited state that lasts much longer than is typical.

What are the disadvantages of technetium-99m?

It gives high yields of 99Mo of very high specific activity. However, its main disadvantages are high costs and generation of large quantities of highly radioactive waste. Depending on the separation method several types of generators were developed.

What is the difference between Tc-99 and Tc-99m?

Technetium-99 is produced during nuclear reactor operation, and is a byproduct of nuclear weapons explosions. Technetium-99 can be found as a component of nuclear waste. Technetium-99m is a short-lived form of Tc-99 that is used as a medical diagnostic tool.

How do you measure radiochemical purity?

However, the best method to determine radiochemical purity of 99mTc-MIBI is using the gamma counter extraction method with a time of 22.20 ± 1.55 minutes with 100.12% percent accuracy. The authors would like thank to Radiopharmaceutical Technology Department, PTRR-BATAN for providing support for this research.

Is technetium a solid liquid or gas?

Technetium is a chemical element with symbol Tc and atomic number 43. Classified as a transition metal, Technetium is a solid at room temperature.