How do you use techies mines?

How do you use techies mines?

A great combo is to wait for the enemy to walk into a Stasis Trap stacked on top of a Proximity Mine, then Blast Off! on top of them and place another Proximity Mine right as the first one explodes. Techies can stand right on top of Proximity Mines to make it harder for the enemies to click on it.

How do you counter pick techies?

Techies can turn his tree jumping ability against him, by placing Proximity Mines that will detect him near trees, and then destroying the trees around him with Blast Off, stunning him and dealing high damage, on top of him being silenced when the stun expires.

Do techies mines block camps?

The sign does not block neutral creep camps.

Do techies mines level?

Mines have no collision and can stack when moveable. The enemy must be in the radius for the full delay to trigger it. Leveling up this skill upgrades Proximity Mines that were already placed.

How do you counter ogre magi?


  1. Magic resistance items, such as Black King Bar and. Pipe of Insight reduce Ogre Magi’s damage output.
  2. Orchid Malevolence and. Hurricane Pike makes Ogre Magi completely useless.
  3. Silver Edge can break Multicast.
  4. Manta Style dispels Ignite.
  5. Lotus Orb reflects Fireblast and Ignite.

Is techies removed from Dota 2?

Techies is removed : r/DotA2.

Who is good against Ogre Magi?

Tempest Double is helpful for killing Ogre Magi who lacks AoE damage and disables.

Does Multicast work with Dagon?

What I tried to mean with the dagon example is that there is a limit of multicast per target. You can only hit an item once per target per cast, it works different from heroic skills, and it seems that it does not multicast when casting on allies.

What is the techies rework?

Techies Rework in Dota 2 Patch 7.31 In the new update, Techies has lost two of his previous abilities, which are the stasis traps and the remote mines. The proximity mine received some huge changes and is now his ultimate ability.

Is techies removed from the game?

Finally. Rework made by people who don’t play techies, for people who don’t play techies. Everyone happy, except those who play techies of course.

How do you counter drow mid?

The best heroes to counter Drow Ranger include Spectre, Lycan, and Phantom Assassin. The most important part of dealing with Drow Ranger is getting close to her. Her passive ultimate, Marksmanship, deals an incredible amount of damage. It also grants a bonus of 50% of her agility to allies in close range.

Does MKB work against arc warden?

Monkey King Bar allows enemies to attack Arc Warden through Magnetic Field.