How do you say Bogue Chitto?

How do you say Bogue Chitto?

Bogue Chitto – Pronounced bow-guh chit-uh. This is yet another of the many waterways of Louisiana. Bogue Chitto is a river in east Louisiana that runs between Mississippi and Louisiana. It is also the name of a national park.

How do you pronounce the name Bogue?


  1. \ ˈbōg \
  2. -ed/-ing/-s.
  3. \ ” \
  4. variants: or less commonly bogue bream.
  5. plural -s.
  6. \ ” \
  7. plural -s.

What does Bogue Chitto mean?

large stream
Bogue Chitto means “large stream,” as described by the Choctaw people. This beautiful southern swampland is one of the least disturbed in the country. Along with canoeing, other allowed public uses include hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, birding and photography.

What does Bogue Falaya mean?

The name is derived from the Choctaw words bogu, “river,” and falaya, “long.” A portion of the Bogue Falaya in St. Tammany Parish has been designated a “Natural and Scenic River” by the state government of Louisiana.

What does Bogue mean?

Bogue definition (nautical) To fall off from the wind; to edge away to leeward.

Is Bogue a real word?

noun Gulf States. a bayou, stream, or waterway.

Are there alligators in Bogue Chitto?

Sisson, Bradley Cromer and Preston Reed got away from the crowd at Bogue Chitto and went down river. They spotted the big gator as it went into the water and decided to wait him out.

How did the Bogue Chitto river get its name?

History. Bogue Chitto takes its name from the nearby Bogue Chitto River, the name of which is a Choctaw word, Bok Chito, meaning “big river”. The population in 1900 was 582.

Does Bogue mean river?

Is Bogue a Scottish name?

The surname Bogue was first found in Berwickshire an ancient county of Scotland, presently part of the Scottish Borders Council Area, located in the eastern part of the Borders Region of Scotland, where they held a family seat from ancient times, long before the Norman Conquest in 1066.

What nationality is the name Bogue?

Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Buadhaigh ‘descendant of Buadhach’ a personal name meaning ‘victorious’.

What is a Bogue in slang?

Definition: (adjective) disgusting, bad. Example: I can’t believe Sheila thought she could sit at our table at lunch! She is so bogue!

What does Bogue mean in French?

Noun. bogue f (plural bogues) chestnut burr.