How do you play Pac-Man on Google Doodle?

How do you play Pac-Man on Google Doodle?

All you need to do to play is go to Google’s front page and either click on the insert coin button or wait a few seconds. Then, Pac’s off and you are in control. In fact, two people can play co-op Pac-Man on the Google Doodle if you tap the insert coin twice.

How do I make Google Pac-Man?

Google has released a new feature for Maps that lets you turn any location into a game of Pac-Man — all you have to do is click the new Pac-Man button that resides in the lower left corner of the screen.

How do I get Mrs Pac-Man on Google?

Simple visit and click the “Insert Coin” Ms. Pac Man Icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This isn’t the first time Google Maps has hosted an arcade game.

How do I control Google Pac-Man?

PAC-MAN joins the party and you can play together with someone else (PAC-MAN is controlled with arrow keys or by clicking on the maze, Ms. PAC-MAN using the WASD keys). PAC-MAN seems like a natural fit for the Google homepage. They’re both deceptively straightforward, carefully hiding their complexity under the hood.

How do you hack Pac-Man doodle?

The company says that the widget, on the Google home page, is its first ever interactive, playable doodle. By pressing “Insert Coin” where the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button usually appears, you can start the game up and control Pac-Man with the arrow keys.

Can you still play Pac-Man on Google Maps 2020?

Called Pac-Man Geo, the new game will use AR to let you play right on the streets of your city, all using data that is provided by Google Maps. This is possible thanks to a partnership between Bandai Namco and Google, and the parent company says the game is scheduled to see daylight as soon as this month.

How do you play Pac-Man?

The player controls Pac-Man, who must eat all the dots inside an enclosed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts. Eating large flashing dots called “Power Pellets” causes the ghosts to temporarily turn blue, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for bonus points.

How do you add coins to Pac-Man Doodle?

To help recognize the pop culture mainstay, at 11 a.m. ET today (midnight in Japan), Google turned its homepage over to a Pac-Man game that can be played for the next 48 hours. Visitors can click on the “insert coin” button or wait 10 seconds to automatically start the game, which reaches 256 levels.

What is the highest score in Pac-Man Doodle?

3,333,360 points
Fastest perfect completion of PAC-Man Since Billy Mitchell (USA) scored the first “perfect” Pac-Man game (3,333,360 points) on 3 July 1999…

When was Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary?

Google Pac-Man has celebrated a major milestone – the popular Namco game marked its 30th anniversary on May 21, 2010.

How do I send red jammers PAC-MAN 99?

There is a way to take them out, though you won’t be using the power pellets. Now here’s the scoop: eat a piece of fruit to kill Red Jammer PAC-MAN units. The fruit spawns in the middle of the map, below the ghost jail. Eating fruit will kill all Red Jammer PAC-MAN units.

How do you cheat on Pac-Man doodle?


  1. Z + X: Next level.
  2. Z + C: Commit suicide.
  3. Z + G: Toggle God Mode.

How do you make a Google Doodle?

Watch the introduction video.

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    Hundreds of original mazes,now with new and unique obstacles

  • New Power-Ups that supercharge your gameplay
  • Customization skins to double the fun.
  • Adventure Mode – complete these limited time themed events and acquire exclusive skins!
  • Classic 8-BIT Arcade Edition – play the original coin-op arcade and see how far you can get!
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