How do you make an 80s style?

How do you make an 80s style?

How To Dress Like The 80s With Normal Clothes

  1. Wear bright colors. In the 80s, people were bold and audacious with their fashion choices.
  2. Accentuate your shoulders.
  3. Put on a bulky sweater.
  4. Don’t forget a trench coat.
  5. Wear high-waisted bottoms.
  6. Find off-the-shoulder tops.
  7. Rock a mini-skirt.
  8. Go with ripped jeans.

How do you soften and distress a shirt?

First, take a pumice stone and brush all over your t-shirt, including the sleeves and hemline. Next, soak the t-shirts in a solution of fabric softener and just a few teaspoons of water overnight. Lastly, run it through a normal wash cycle the next morning, and there you have it!

How do you make a cut shirt?

Find a shirt that fits well. The easiest way to draft your own shirt pattern will be to copy the shape of an existing shirt that fits well.

  • Fold the shirt in half. Fold the shirt in half vertically,keeping the front sides out.
  • Pin along the back outline.
  • Trace the outline.
  • Pin along the front outline.
  • Trace the outline.
  • Pin and trace around the sleeve.
  • How to cut a sideless shirt?

    – If you are cutting out the seam, follow your chalk lines, and cut as smoothly as you can to avoid a jagged look. – Repeat on the other sleeve. – Keep the sleeves for future projects.

    How to cut a shirt into a tube top?

    Measure around your bust and waist. Add 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) to each measurement.

  • Measure from just below your armpits down to your waist. Add 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) to your measurement.
  • Choose your fabric,and spread it out in front of you,wrong-side-up.
  • Draw a large rectangle according to your measurement.
  • How can I make 80s shirt?

    Enhance your sweatshirt,but don’t get too carried away. This section is filled with lots of radical ideas that can,like,totally enhance your sweatshirt.

  • Cut down the hem and sleeves if you want a crop top. Chop off the bottom of your sweatshirt so that it comes up to your ribcage.
  • Trim off the cuffs and bottom hem for a simple,vintage look.