How do you ignite Keelys gas?

How do you ignite Keelys gas?

Find the vents through which Keely is pumping gas on Level 5, near the data storage room, and somehow ignite the gas. This can be done by throwing an explosive or discharging an energy weapon near the vents and then quickly closing the data storage room door to shield one’s self from the explosion.

How do you survive the gas explosion in Vault 22?

Just hide in the last room to the left of the vents and chuck a grenade in (I found some frags earlier in the vault) and lock the dooe. Just make sure your companiobs are in the back of the room. That amount of damage can kill them even without hardcore mode.

Who sells long fuse dynamite?


  • A long-fuse dynamite can be found behind Jean Sky Diving wedged into the cliff.
  • Numerous Powder Gangers will sometimes have long-fuse dynamite in their inventory.
  • Often found in explosives crates.
  • They are randomly sold from stores.
  • Powder Ganger camps near the NCRCF.

What do you do with Nightstalker eggs?

Nightstalker eggs are found on the corpses of night stalkers. When they are found, it is unusual to find more than one. They are used in the production of Mushroom Cloud, and in the quest Bleed Me Dry.

How long is a dynamite fuse?

Long-fuse dynamite is just like normal dynamite but, as the name suggests, has a longer fuse, which lasts for 6 seconds. Unlike powder charges, dynamite explodes when you shoot it, either in the hand of an enemy or on the ground when it is dropped.

Who do I give the food additive to in Fallout New Vegas?

Cpl. William Farber
It is a food additive meant to be given to Cpl. William Farber in Camp McCarran as part of the unmarked quest, Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup.

Where is Red Lucy?

Red Lucy’s chamber is a dimly lit section of the underground Las Vegas sewer system. A seemingly clean couch is on the left as the Courier enters, with a coffee table behind it with an empty whiskey bottle on top. Behind the table, is an upright barrel with an interactive radio that plays Radio New Vegas.

What happens if you ignite the gas in the Vault PC?

PC The gas may not ignite or only ignite the space surrounding the collapsed door, preventing the quest from progressing. Playstation 3 if you shut both doors in the 5th level of the vault when igniting the gas, the flames will go through the door and you will die.

Where there stands the grass in Fallout New Vegas?

There Stands the Grass is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas . Speak to Dr. Thomas Hildern at Camp McCarran. Enter Vault 22 and download the research data found there.

What happens if you detonate the gas on Xbox 360 PC?

PC Xbox 360 When detonating the gas, it is not necessary to close the door to the computer room. The fire does not enter, even though it is wide open. [verified] PC Sometimes it becomes impossible to reach the Fifth level to burn all the spores. Every time the elevator is used to the Fifth level the game crashes to the desktop.

How do you get out of a gas filled cavern?

Ignite the gas and then turn and run out into the cavern. Consuming an atomic cocktail and/or a Fire ant nectar should help one withstand the flames, although keep in mind any followers may be momentarily knocked unconscious, or even killed if one is playing on Hardcore mode.