How do you get to Tortuga island?

How do you get to Tortuga island?

Getting there The most popular way of getting to Dry Tortugas is the National Parks Service’s ferry, the Yankee Freedom III. The 2.5-hour ferry ride is a magical trip over turquoise waters, and leaves you about four to five hours on the island if you’re making a day trip.

How much does it cost to go to Tortuga island?

Options to tour Isla Tortuga What is this? To get to the island from Montezuma, it will cost around $50 USD, or about $70 USD from Santa Teresa.

Can you stay on Isla Tortuga?

Costa Rica Tortuga island is a protected area without any inhabitants and zero hotels on the island so you cannot stay overnight here. You can pick a hotel located in Puntarenas or Jaco where to spend your night and take the first boat trip to get to the island.

Is Tortuga safe to visit?

Stay safe. Unfortunately, the island has not departed from its old pirate days. It is still known as a hotspot for smuggling to America, and a number of drug lords live in huge mansions overlooking the ocean.

Is Dry Tortugas worth the trip?

Dry Tortugas National Park is fascinating both in its unique marine landscape and its history, and it’s definitely worth the visit. Located at the tip of the Flordia Keys is the stunning Dry Tortugas National Park. It preserves seven breathtaking Dry Tortugas Islands.

What is Tortuga island known for?

Most visitors that undertake a Tortuga Island tour do it for the remarkable snorkeling and diving opportunities on the island. You’ll be amazed by the huge variety of marine life that call these waters home, including spinner dolphins, sharks, octopus, stingrays, and angelfish.

Who owns Tortuga island?

Today, Tortuga is belonging to Haiti. The island is 40 kilometers long, seven kilometers wide and at its highest point it is 464 meters above the sea. It is called Île de la Tortue by natives, which refers to the turtle-like shape of the island.

Are there still pirates in Tortuga?

The buccaneers later served under Sir Henry Morgan during his famous raids along the Spanish Main, but their influence waned with the end of privateering. While a few continued to prowl the Caribbean for several decades, Tortuga’s buccaneers had all but disappeared by the beginning of the 18th century.

Does anyone live on Tortuga?

Population. In 2004, there were 30,000 people living in the Tortuga Island. There are only small towns; Aux Palmistes, in the southeast, is the biggest town in the island.

What is Tortuga Island known for?

Do cell phones work in the Dry Tortugas?

Do cell phones work at Fort Jefferson? No, there are no cell phone towers in the Dry Tortugas.

Are there bathrooms on the Dry Tortugas?

Are there toilets at Dry Tortugas? Yes, there are always toilets available to our passengers. There are composting toilets located near the campground. Whenever the Fort Jefferson ferry is on the dock, these toilets are locked, and the ferry toilets become the public restrooms for everyone on the island.

Where is Isla Tortuga on Costa Rica?

There are plenty of amazing beaches in Costa Rica, but few have such fine white sand as Isla Tortuga does. The island is located off of the Gulf of Nicoya, near the coast of the Curu Reserve . Nobody lives on this island and there are no hotels.

What to do in Montezuma Costa Rica?

Tortuga Island. Without a doubt, one of the most popular things to do for tourists visiting Montezuma or any of the towns nearby, is to go to Tortuga Island. Boats even travel all the way from Puntarenas. Tortuga Island is famous for its Caribbean-like white sand beach and transparent turquoise water.

How to get from Tambor to Montezuma?

Or in our office in Santa Teresa at Plaza Kahuna where you can leave your car or ATV if necessary. It takes around 45 minutes to drive to Montezuma. 8:15 From Tambor, around 25 minutes drive to Montezuma, or from Tambor beach you can come also with our boats.

Can I take a Tortuga Island Tour from San Jose?

It is possible to take a Tortuga Island Tour from Jaco, Paquera (the area where the ferry lands on the Nicoya Peninsula ), Montezuma, or the Santa Teresa area of Costa Rica. There are vacation packages that offer transportation to Isla Tortuga from San Jose as well, but we feel this becomes a bit too much traveling for a day trip.