How do you get into Davenant School?

How do you get into Davenant School?

Davenant Foundation School is an oversubscribed secondary school. We accept in-year admissions for Years 7-11 if a vacancy occurs. The School maintains a Waiting List from those to whom we were unable to offer places in Year 7, and, who indicate in writing that they would like to remain on the Waiting List.

Is Davenant a private school?

Davenant Foundation School is a Christian Ecumenical secondary school, founded in 1680, currently in Loughton, Essex, England….

Davenant Foundation School
Chester Road Loughton , Essex , IG10 2LD England
Coordinates 51°39′45″N 0°05′05″E
Type Academy

Is Davenant a good school?

In its most recent inspection, Ofsted has given Davenant Foundation School an overall rating of Outstanding.

How do I apply to Davenant sixth form?

Please use the links below to apply to Davenant Sixth Form. Students must choose 3 subjects to study, (4 may be considered with the approval of the Head of Sixth Form) After choosing what subjects you would like to study with us, please complete the application form:

What facilities do you offer your Sixth Form students?

We offer outstanding facilities which include a recently refurbished Sixth Form common room, complete with its own coffee shop. Our Sixth Form library and Careers centre are extensive and these are complemented by sporting facilities which include a swimming pool, tennis courts and a fitness centre, to name a few.

What was the last Ofsted report on Davenant Foundation School?

With reference to the management of the school, the last Ofsted report noted that “there is a very strong sense of purpose in the school as a result of the shared vision which has been developed”. Black History Month 2021 This year at Davenant Foundation School we are celebrating Black History Month 2021 in a number of different ways.

What is Davenant Foundation School?

Welcome to the Davenant Foundation School website. At Davenant, we value the long history of the school which stretches back to the work of our founder, Ralph Davenant, in the East End of London during the 17th Century.