How do you become a superstar on Stardoll?

How do you become a superstar on Stardoll?

To become Superstar, click “Become Superstar” at the top of the page. On the payment page, you can buy or prolong Superstar membership or top up on Stardollars. Click here to read more!

Can you cancel superstar on Stardoll?

Cancellation of monthly payments To cancel a monthly payment please click here and click the “Cancel monthly refill” link in the “You are a Superstar” box.

Is Stardoll free?

The regular Stardoll membership is free, and most of the games and features are also free. You can earn Starcoins for free by doing lots of fun activities on Stardoll. All members get Starcoins and Stardollars as a kick-start gift from Stardoll.

How do you become royalty on Stardoll?

Royalty is the most exclusive status on Stardoll. Royalty members have a diamond by their nickname and a platinum frame around their doll’s profile image. Royalties also get exclusive shopping and access to the Royalty store. You can become Royalty by buying 365 Superstar days.

What is royalty Stardoll?

Does Stardoll delete old accounts? Response If you have been inactive for a long time, your account may have been automatically deleted. If this is the case, it is unfortunately not possible for us to reactivate it.

How can I get a free week of Stardoll Superstar?

Congrats Dolls! You’ll be receiving a FREE week of Superstar membership as thanks for being fabulously fashionable and fun here on Stardoll! It will be added to your account next time you log in! YOU MUST LOG OUT AND LOG BACK IN AGAIN TO ACTIVATE YOUR 7 FREE DAYS.

How do I get a Stardoll gift code?

Log in to your Stardoll account. 2. Click on More Stardollars or Become Superstar (at the top of the page) 3. Choose Gift Code as your payment option. 4.

What is Stardoll?

Stardoll, the world’s largest community for girls who love fame, fashion and friends. Stardoll NicknamePassword Login Remember me Forgot password? Sign up! Sign up Spotlight MY HOME Shop Design CHAT & FRIENDS Contests DRESS UP GAMES Mobile games SUPERSTARS GET LOTS OF GOODIES! Become Superstar TODAY’S SUPERSTAR 51Rey.

What to get for a weekly Superstar gift?

WEEKLY SUPERSTAR GIFT Get your gift SUPERSTAR-ONLY ITEMS Antidote Industrial Interior 85 Bucket Leather Bag Green 51 Big Bag Antidote Blue 49 Blue Dress 100 Boots Queen 66 Bucket Leather Bag Black 52 Bucket Leather Bag Pink 51 Dollar Necklace 39 Camo Dress 69 Chain Necklace