How do I train like Serena Williams?

How do I train like Serena Williams?

I do HIIT workouts (high-intensity interval training), a little stretching, a little strength training, but mostly cardio training. I do the cardio exercises on Tonal, which is really helpful for me just to get my body back and used to calisthenics.

How many hours does Serena Williams train?

Giving an insight into her practice sessions as a kid, Serena said, “Well, they say like a hundred thousand hours to do it right. So definitely, definitely put in a ton of hours. Maybe it was 10,000 hours, that makes more sense.” She further added, “Yeah, when I was younger I trained a lot.

How is Serena mentally strong?

Serena Williams believes that tennis is 70% mental. Learn how to dig deep in tough situations from a player known for impossible comebacks. Step up your game with two hours of the techniques, drills, and mental skills that made Serena the best in the world.

How fast does Serena Williams serve on average?

Power. Narrator: Serena’s power serve is one of the fastest in the game, averaging 170 kilometers per hour. That’s about 12 kilometers per hour faster than the average female professional tennis player.

How do I get in shape for tennis?

As well as playing tennis, you need to do some decent strength training exercises too. Try to include a combination of exercises, such as straight-arm rowing, dips, chest presses, push-ups and medicine ball drills.

How many hours do tennis players practice?

Most professional tennis players spend about four hours training per day.

What is Serena’s diet like?

Serena eats a mostly plant-based diet. She told Women’s Health her philosophy is “eat to live. Don’t live to eat.” She continued, “I want to have a healthy lifestyle and, so you know, [I’m eating] a lot of greens and mostly plant-based lately, just super healthy stuff.”

How Much Does Serena Williams weigh?

154 lbsSerena Williams / Weight

Is Serena Williams practicing?

Former World No. 1 Serena Williams has uploaded a cute video of herself practicing with her four-year-old daughter Olympia. The 40-year-old Williams has been out of action since Wimbledon last year due to a leg injury. Currently ranked No.

How hard does Serena hit a tennis ball?

Serena Williams’ Fastest Serve Her average first serve speed is faster than most and is often considered one of the best serves in women’s tennis. Serena Williams’ fastest serve was a 206.4 km/h (128.3 mph) serve hit during the 2013 Australian Open.

Is it OK to play tennis everyday?

So if you’re in good health, and under age 30, you can safely play at a high level 3-4 times per week. If you’re between 30-50, 2-3 times per week is a good number. After age 50, you might not want to play competitive tennis more than twice a week, and if you must exceed that number, keep the 3rd match friendly.

Is Serena Williams a vegetarian?

Serena Williams follows a mostly vegan diet. During the off-season, the tennis titan relaxes her diet to include protein and cheat day favourites, but while training and competing, Williams sticks to a plant-based diet.

Where does Serena train for tennis?

Rising star Cori “Coco” Gauff and her idol, Serena Williams, have each trained at coach Patrick Mouratoglou’s tennis academy in France, an elite facility that accepts students from around the world – so long as they can cover its hefty price of admission.

Who is better Venus or Serena?

Venus has 49 WTA singles titles to Serena’s 73. In terms of Grand Slam titles, Venus has won seven with 5 Wimbledon and 2 US Open titles. Serena, on the other hand, amassed 23 singles majors. More than the rivalry, their partnership on the court has been phenomenal.

Who weighs more Venus or Serena?

Serena Williams, the younger of the two talented Williams sisters, has had a more successful tennis career than Venus Williams. The sisters often play doubles together and are the richest female athletes in the world….Comparison chart.

Serena Williams Venus Williams
Height 5 ft 9 in. 6 ft 1 in.
Weight 155 lbs. 159.8 lbs.

Where Did Serena Williams train in tennis?

Williams learned tennis from her father on the public courts in Los Angeles and turned professional in 1995, one year after her sister Venus.

How does Serena Williams use Power Tennis thoughts?

Williams used power thoughts as a reminder to stay strong. Before the tournament, she wrote several positive statements to help boost her mental game of tennis. She used her power tennis thoughts by reviewing them on the changeovers, which helped her focus and get her game back on track: “My good thoughts are powerful”

How long does Serena Williams play a match?

The average women’s professional tennis match lasts two hours, but Serena trains to play all-out for four. Here she reveals her tips for staying in top shape, her pro drills, and how to keep it fun while putting in the hard work.

What is Serena Williams’ grip style?

Williams uses an Eastern forehand grip, rather than a Continental grip when she serves for power. This brings the strings into more direct, perpendicular contact with ball. The more your strings are smacking the ball directly – as opposed to brushing across the ball – the less spin and more power you’ll hit with.

How do you serve like Serena Williams?

More than power, more than placement, Williams serves with consistency. The key to a consistent serve is a good, reliable ball toss. A good ball toss should travel straight up in the air without spinning.