How do I send mail to an inmate at Butler County Jail?

How do I send mail to an inmate at Butler County Jail?

Inmate Mail

  1. To send mail to an inmate, please address the envelope with:
  2. Butler County Prison.
  3. c/o Inmate’s Full Name and BCP Number.
  4. PO Box 112.
  5. Lebanon, MO 65536.
  6. To send legal correspondence to an inmate.
  7. Butler County Prison.
  8. c/o Inmate’s Full Name.

How do you send money to an inmate at Butler County Jail?

Inmate Deposits Deposits may be made to an inmate’s account by either using the website or by visiting the Butler County Detention Facility lobby and using the deposit ATM during public hours. Deposit fees may apply.

How do you send an envelope to an inmate?

Address your package with the inmate’s committed name, Department of Corrections (DC) number and institutional address, and send it by U.S. Postal Service mail. Include your full name and return address on all correspondence, or your item may not be delivered to the inmate.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account in Ohio?

TELEPHONE – Approved (or tentatively approved) visitors may deposit funds by calling toll-free 1-888-988-4PMT (4768), reference Site ID 86 when prompted by the automated attendant. Deposits can be made through the toll-free number using credit or debit cards. There is a transaction fee for using this service.

What kind of envelopes can you mail to jail?

You can send: Self-addressed stamped envelopes. U.S. postage stamps.

Do prisons read outgoing mail?

They can read this mail for security or other reasons without probable cause or a warrant. Incoming or outgoing non-privileged mail may be censored for legitimate security reasons. However, mail may not be censored simply because it is critical of prison officials or because prison officials disagree with its content.

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Butler County Ohio?

To deposit funds into an inmate’s account, choose the most convenient option below:

  1. Visit Accepts MasterCard and VISA.
  2. Call (866) 345-1884. Live bi-lingual agents available, 24 hours a day.
  3. Use the AccessCorrections lobby kiosk. Located in our jail lobby at 705 Hanover Street.
  4. Cash Walk-In at:

How do I send an inmate a book in Ohio?

The books must be paperback/soft-cover editions. Additionally, no publications including magazines may contain nudity. You will need to have the items shipped directly to the inmate’s name and ID number using USPS through checkout. A limit of three books at a time can be ordered.

What is the cheapest way to send money to someone?

Cheapest Ways to Send Money

  1. Western Union Money Transfer Service. Best for: This is an excellent money transfer service if you’re looking to send cash internationally.
  2. Google Pay. Best for: Use with cards that are saved to your Google account.
  3. Apple Pay.
  4. OFX.
  5. Paypal Money Transfer.
  6. Wise Transfer.
  7. XE.
  8. Currencies Direct.

What is Butler Pennsylvania known for?

As the county seat, Butler is also the hub of government and commercial activity. Conveniently close to the city of Pittsburgh and its world-class education medicine, arts and sports, Butler truly provides residents with metropolitan living and small town convenience.

Do prisoners have to pay for stamps?

Most prisons provide inmates with stationery so that they could send one to two letters a week. If a prisoner wants to send letters more often, they need to bear the cost of stamps and other essential items.

Where is Butler Township?

Butler Township is a mostly rural township in southern Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, that is nestled in the Sugarloaf Valley with mountains to the north and south.

Are Butler Township police reports available to the public?

The Butler Township Police Department preserves the integrity of its investigations by maintaining confidentiality. Investigative reports are not available to the public and are not released, which is in accordance with the Pennsylvania Open Records law.

What services does Butler Township PA have?

Services in Butler Township include: Ambulance, Emergency Management, Fire, Planning Commission, Police, Recycling, Taxes, and Zoning. “ Central location for Document Downloads here in Butler Township, Luzerne County, PA. ” The officials of Butler Township, Luzerne County, PA, want to make access to government documents easy.

Where can I dispose of leaves in Butler Township?

To assist Butler Township residents who still have leaves to dispose of, a dumpster has been placed in the parking lot of the Municipal Building near the Whitestown Road entrance. This dumpster is for biodegradable bagged leaves only and will be on site for two weeks or until further notice.