How do I pair my 3M Worktunes headphones to my phone?

How do I pair my 3M Worktunes headphones to my phone?

Turn on your Worktunes headset, press the control button found on the left ear cup two times. Voice assistant will let you know once you are in Bluetooth pairing mode. Once in Bluetooth pairing mode, your phone Bluetooth list should display Worktunes Connect. Tap that name when displayed.

How long does battery last on 3M Worktunes?

3M™ WorkTunes™ Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth® Technology, which is rechargeable, lasts 30 hours. The other two versions, which require two AA batteries (sold separately) will last approximately 50 hours.

Does 3M Worktunes have a microphone?

The WorkTunes have a built-in microphone for phone calls, but you’ll sound like you’re talking from the bottom of a well. Then again, you probably don’t want to make a phone call when in the environments the WorkTunes are designed for.

How do I increase volume on 3M WorkTunes?

Long-press the volume knob and the Tuning Dial together until you get the voice assistant response: Settings Mode. Press the Tuning Dial multiple times until you hear Dosimeter or Limiter (ignore the responses Dosimeter Default Setting and 9/10 khz AM). Turn the Tuning Dial to toggle between Dosimeter and Limiter.

How do I connect my 3M Peltor Bluetooth?


  1. Headset fully charged and Powered OFF.
  2. Press and hold the Power ON for at least 5 seconds (Centre Button Right Cup).
  3. Headset announces that it is in pairing mode.
  4. Put the phone into pairing mode.
  5. Phone eventually displays Peltor WS5.
  6. Select and instruct the phone to pair. ( if phone asks for password use 0000)

Why are my Worktunes so quiet?

If you can’t hear your music or audio book amidst the noise you are trying to protect your hearing from, this may be a sign that the environmental noise level is too high for your earmuffs to reduce it to a safe level (i.e., typically to below 85 decibels).

Does 3M Worktunes have radio?

Protect your hearing and listen to AM/FM radio at the same time with built-in antenna. Digital station search and voice guided menu system with announced frequencies More……3M™ PELTOR™ WorkTunes™ Pro AM/FM Radio Headset HRXS221A, 32 dB, Black, Headband, 1 ea/Carton.

Product Colour Black
Product Series Radio

How do I increase volume on 3M Worktunes?

How do I reset my Worktunes Bluetooth?

Troubleshooting and resetting the Bluetooth connection of your Worktunes Connect+AM/FM. According to 3M, the Worktunes Connect+AM/FM can be reset by long-pressing the Source-button together with the volume-knob.

How do you use WorkTunes?

Press and hold the function button for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth® Pairing Mode. On your device, connect to “Worktunes Wireless” using Bluetooth. You will hear “Bluetooth Connected” when your device is paired successfully. Turn the tuning knob to scroll forward or backward.

Is there a way to make 3M Worktunes louder?

What is Bluetooth absolute volume?

What is Bluetooth absolute volume on Android? Bluetooth absolute volume is a feature that synchronizes the system volume on your Android phone with the volume of your connected Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones, earbuds, or speakers.

How do you turn the volume up on 3m Worktunes?

Why are Bluetooth headphones not loud?

Any dirt, grime, or pocket lint can stick to the headphone jack which can cause interference with the audio signal, thus warping the sound or making it sound too quiet. Simply use a cloth or cotton bud damped with rubbing alcohol and wipe away any debris you see.

What is 3m worktu¬NES™ connect hearing protector with Bluetooth® technology?

Whether you’re using a power saw or mowing the day away, reach for 3M™ WorkTu¬nes™ Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth® wireless technology to help make your workday entertaining and–most importantly ¬comfortable. BLUETOOTH ® TECHNOLOGY lets you seamlessly stream entertainment from your mobile phone and any other Bluetooth® enabled device

How do I Disconnect my worktunes from the earmuffs?

Disconnecting cannot be done from the earmuffs and only after disconnecting can you enter pairing mode and pair your Worktunes to a different phone. Long press the volume knob to turn on your Worktunes Connect+AM/FM.

What are the specs of the 3M worktunes?

3m Worktunes Plastic 4 Inches AC/DC 3 Volts 1 5 Wireless, Lightweight Radio Auxiliary Cord, Hearing Protector Batteries Included? No Batteries Required? Yes One year limited warranty. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

How do earmuffs work for hearing protection?

Designed to bring you hearing protection and entertainment, these protective earmuffs let you listen to the music of your choice from the AM/FM radio or from your mobile device via the auxiliary jack. Built in comfort features like plush ear cushions and a padded headband help keep you comfortable while on the job.