How do I open Sakon hideout?

How do I open Sakon hideout?

Link must hide behind the rock with Kafei and wait for Sakon to reveal the entrance to the hideout. Once the giant door has been opened, both Link and Kafei quickly pursue the thief inside.

Who is Sakon in Majora’s mask?

In Majora’s Mask, Sakon is a thief who has a Hideout situated in Ikana Canyon. His hideout is protected by a huge Boulder which can only by opened by Sakon himself. He can be seen in North Clock Town in the first night trying to steal a Bomb Bag from the old lady of the Bomb Shop.

What is the most powerful mask in Majora’s mask?

the Fierce Deity’s Mask
I won’t go into much detail, but the Fierce Deity’s Mask is, without a doubt, the most powerful mask in the game.

What time does Sakon go to hideout?

Kafei chases after him and finds his hideout in Ikana Canyon. On the night of the Final Day, Sakon arrives and opens the door to his hideout, allowing Kafei and Link a small window of opportunity to sneak in after him.

How do I get Kafei’s letter?

Go to any mailbox in Clock Town and put the letter inside. The Postman will come pick it up when he does his rounds at 9am. Go to the Laundry Pool in Clock Town and wait until 3pm. The Postman will come ring the bell to deliver the letter to Kafei.

How do you get a Keaton mask?

The Keaton Mask is obtained from the Man from the Curiosity Shop in Kafei’s hideout, after delivering the Letter to Kafei. It requires Link to go to Kafei’s hideout at 1:00 in the afternoon on the Final Day.

What time does Sakon rob the old lady?

On the night of the First Day, the Old Lady enters North Clock Town, carrying a sack full of Big Bomb Bags. At midnight Sakon appears and robs the old woman.

Did Link keep the Fierce Deity mask?

Breath of the Wild According to its description, the Fierce Deity Mask is the same Mask as the one worn by Link in the Era of the Hero of Time, although it no longer retains its powers that it once had.

How do you get a Garo mask?

The Mask is given to Link by the Gorman Brothers. To obtain it, he must go to the Gorman Track once he has Epona, and ask to race against them for 10 Rupees. If Link wins, they will award him with the Garo’s Mask. Wearing it allows entry into Ikana Canyon, as well as the ability to encounter and battle Garo Ninjas.

What color of trunks does Tingle wear?

List of Questions

Question Answer A Answer C
What color of trunks does Tingle the mapmaker wear? Yellow Red
What does the owner of the Bomb Shop call his mother? Old Lady Mommy
What instrument does the Skull Kid play? Tin Whistle Ocarina
What is Anju, the innkeeper, bad at doing? Cleaning Cooking

Who stole Majoras mask?

Regrettably, Skull Kid stole Majora’s Mask from the salesman. Upon putting it on, the evil that resided in the mask began to change and control him. Link learns throughout the three days that Skull Kid is responsible for many atrocities, including the hex on Kafei and the damage to the Great Fairies.

What is the biggest wallet in Majora’s mask?

The Giant Wallet
The Giant Wallet is the best Wallet found within Majora’s Mask. It has a Rupee capacity of 500 Rupees,, and is acquired by defeating 30 Gold Skulltulas in the Oceanside Spider House in Great Bay Coast.

Can you be adult Link in Majoras mask?

In Hyrule Historia, the Majora’s Mask section contains concept art of Adult Link, confirming that Adult Link was meant to appear sometime during development. Inside the game’s code, a textured model of a Link Mask can be found.

Is the fierce deity evil?

Yes… fierce deity is evil, he is an oni and according to japanese folklore… onis are malignous and wicked creatures… you can even deduce this judging by link’s appearance when he change phases…