How do I get the gauntlets in Ocarina of Time?

How do I get the gauntlets in Ocarina of Time?

They are obtained after defeating the mini-boss, an Iron Knuckle. After the mini-boss is defeated, Link finds the Silver Gauntlets in a Treasure Chest outside the temple on the right hand of the Desert Colossus, left hand in the 3DS Master Quest.

How do you get Golden Gauntlets in Master Quest?

Use your Mirror Shield to light up all the sun emblems, then collect the small key and hearts from the treasure chests that fall down. The large treasure chest contains the Golden Gauntlets.

Where is Farore’s wind in Ocarina of Time?

Zora’s Fountain
In Ocarina of Time, Farore’s Wind is received from the Great Fairy of Magic in Zora’s Fountain, hidden behind a destructible wall behind Lord Jabu-Jabu. It can only be cast inside dungeons that have Maps, as it allows Link to return to the entry point of that dungeon’s room from which it was cast.

Where is Din’s Fire in Ocarina of Time?

Din’s Fire is obtained from the Great Fairy of Magic near Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time.

What does the carpet merchant sell in Ocarina of Time?

The Carpet Merchant is a character in Ocarina of Time. He is found floating on a flying carpet above a sinksand pit in the Haunted Wasteland. He is only accessible when Link is an adult and requires the Hover Boots to reach. If Link talks to him, he will sell 20 Bombchus for 200 Rupees.

How do you get the mirror shield in Ocarina of Time?

It is obtained by defeating three Stalfos, the Minibosses of the Earth Temple. It is the second, and final, Shield and automatically replaces the Hero’s Shield once obtained.

Where do I get light arrows in Ocarina of Time?

Stone Tower Temple
Light Arrows are found in Stone Tower Temple after defeating the Garo Master. They have the same primary use as the ones from Ocarina of Time; however, they cost four points of magic to use rather than the two they cost in Ocarina of Time.

Is there a boss in the bottom of the well?

Mini-Boss(es) It is located in Kakariko Village, more specifically at the bottom of Kakariko Well, which is also known as the Well of Three Features.

Where can you buy Bombchus in Ocarina of Time?

Back Alley of Hyrule Castle Town
Ocarina of Time They can be bought from the Bombchu Shop in the Back Alley of Hyrule Castle Town and the Carpet Merchant in the Haunted Wasteland. Link can also get them from Treasure Chests in various parts of Hyrule or win them as prizes at the Bombchu Bowling Alley.

How do I get the Spirit Temple song?

Learning The Song After Link has received the Gerudo Token and arrived at Desert Colossus, on the other side of the desert, he can enter the Spirit Temple.

How do you get Deku Shield?

Deku Shield In the Kokiri Forest, there is a shop in the corner of town near the entrance to the Great Deku Tree’s meadow. You can buy a Deku Shield for 40 rupees. (Cut grass, open chests, throw rocks, etc for rupees.) Deku shields are also available for purchase by Business Scrubs or shops around Hyrule.

Can the Hylian Shield break in Ocarina of Time?

Unlike Skyward Sword, the Hylian Shield isn’t indestructible and will break like other shields. Once obtained within Hyrule Castle, it can be purchased from Granté in Tarrey Town for 3,000 Rupees, provided Link does not have one already.

What are the three arrows in OOT?

Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Light Arrows appear for the first time in Ocarina of Time. Light Arrows are needed to defeat Ganondorf.

Are Fire Arrows needed in OOT?

Ocarina of Time It is not necessary to complete the Water Temple to obtain the Fire Arrows, as Link can collect them by using the “Scarecrow’s Song” and the Longshot or by using a Magic Bean plant. Fire Arrows can be used to light Torches that are too far away for Din’s Fire to reach.

What are the 3 spells Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, he was able to gain access to three spells in particular – Din’s Fire, Nayru’s Love, and Farore’s Wind.

What does Farore’s wind do?

Farore’s Wind is one of the three spells of the Goddesses that Link receives from the Great Fairies in Ocarina of Time. Link can use it to create a warp point at the entrance to a dungeon room, and then cast it again at a later time to warp to the point he created.