How do I get an RSA certificate in Qld?

How do I get an RSA certificate in Qld?

RSA QLD Course Overview To sell, serve or supply alcohol in Australia, you must complete an RSA training course provided by an approved training provider. This RSA Course is valid in Queensland only. It is estimated that this course may take 6 hours to complete.

How much is an RSA certificate Qld?

If you want to work and serve alcohol in a licenced venue in Queensland, you MUST have a valid Queensland RSA certificate.

How long is an RSA certificate valid for in Qld?

3 years
Q: How long is a RSA certificate valid for in QLD? A: If you have a ‘RSA Statement of Attainment’, this certification DOES NOT expire. However, if you completed RSA training prior to 30 June 2013, your OLGR-approved RSA certificate will expire 3 years from the date of issue.

What is RSA certificate Qld?

Course Overview This RSA Online training course is the required course for Queensland (QLD) hospitality workers serving alcohol in a hospitality venue. This course provides a nationally recognised SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol Statement of Attainment and allows you to work in licensed venues.

How do I get my RSA certificate online?

You can find an approved training provider using Liquor & Gaming NSW’s online search and mapping tool. When you’ve completed your training, you’ll receive RSA and/or RCG interim certificate(s), and you can then apply for your RSA/RCG competency card.

Can you do RSA course online?

Most states now allow you to do the RSA Online. This means that you can do the RSA Course at home, at your own pace. It is convenient, easy, much cheaper than face-to-face training and fully accredited. To view details about specific RSA Online Courses please select your state/region below.

Can I do my RSA Online?

How long does it take to complete RSA Online?

4 – 6 hours to complete their RSA online training. Once completed, you will usually receive your statement of attainment via email on the same business day.

How often do you need to refresh RSA in Qld?

three years
The RSA training course certificate and approved statement of attainment will expire three years after the date it is given to you. You must renew your RSA training with an OLGR approved trainer prior to this time.

Do you need to renew RSA QLD?

If you need to obtain an RSA Statement of Attainment for the first time, please contact your nearest RTO to become certified in Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol. Once obtained, this certification does not expire.

Who needs an RSA in Qld?

According to Queensland’s Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, all new employees involved in the service or supply of liquor need to obtain their RSA training course certificate, within 30 days from the date of commencing employment.

Can I do my RSA for free?

If you hold an RSA-only card, you can renew your RSA for free. If it also includes an RCG competency, you can renew both RSA and RCG for free.

Is RSA course hard?

The good news is it can be easy and stress free: Simply do a good, well structured course with trainers to help you. Check out the practice test questions and answers below to put your mind at ease.

Can you fail your RSA Online?

Even though you can not fail, you still need to pass. Finding RSA training that is inexpensive but also teaches you some really important information enables you to pass.

Is RSA hard to pass?

Passing your RSA test needn’t take as long as you might imagine. In fact, it doesn’t even have to take as long the course provider says it will! Course providers usually give you an estimation of how much time it should take to complete the test, and this can range from 4 to 8 hours.

What happens if your RSA certificate expired?

At the end of your cards 5 year expiry date you have to complete your RSA and RCG refresher through NSW Liquor and Gaming. They will contact you directly informing you on the renewal process. If your RSA/RCG card has expired you will need to resit the full course to be re-accredited.

How often must you refresh your RSA QLD?

Are online RSA courses legit?

We are a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 40592), and are registered with all relevant federal and state government bodies such as Liquor & Gaming NSW, OLGR, RGL & ASQA.

Can you complete RSA Online?

Can I use my RSA Certificate in Queensland?

If you hold an RSA certificate from another Australian state or territory and that qualification is a Statement of Attainment in Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol, you can use this attainment in Queensland.

How much does start RSA QLD cost?

START RSA QLD HERE! $17.50 only. No more to pay! Includes email certificate Please note there are no refunds if you do not complete your course within this timeframe; however, you can purchase a 14-day extension to extend access to the course which will provide additional time to complete the training.

Do I need a certificate in RSA If I have OLGR?

Note: If you hold a current OLGR-issued responsible management of licensed venues (RMLV) licensees’ course certificate, you are not required to also hold certification in RSA. An RMLV certificate expires 3 years after the date of issue.

Who needs to be RSA certified?

In some cases all people involved in the sale, service and promotional service of alcohol in licensed premises must be certified in this unit. This can include the licensee and security staff. This unit covers the RSA skill and knowledge requirements common to all States and Territories.