How do I find my Pandora IP address?

How do I find my Pandora IP address?

If the app does not discover your player, you can still find the IP address using the player’s audio outputs:

  1. Connect the player’s audio outputs to your sound system.
  2. Using a paperclip, press the reset button on the back of the player for 1 second and be ready to write down the IP address when you hear it.

How do I connect my phone to ProFusion?

To begin setup:

  1. Download and open the Mood Controller app on a mobile device.
  2. Press and hold the blue button on the ProFusion remote control (under the like/thumbs-up button) until the network light begins to alternate between orange and green.
  3. Your ProFusion player will now begin to broadcast a WiFi signal.

How do you activate ProFusion?

5 Using your personal computer, go to dmx.com/pandora/activate. Follow the links to activate your ProFusion iS.

Is there a business Pandora?

Loved by more than 100 million people for personal use, Pandora Internet Radio is available in a version that’s fully licensed for business. Pandora for Business combines the fun and personalization of Pandora’s consumer application with Mood Media’s business and licensing expertise.

Is it illegal to play Pandora in a business?

Playing music in a commercial setting Due to the terms of our music licenses, the consumer version of the Pandora service (including Pandora Plus) cannot legally be used to play music in a commercial setting, such as retail stores, restaurants or spas.

How do I find my ProFusion IP address?

To obtain the IP address of your ProFusion iH, locate a paper clip and press and hold the reset button the back of the player for 2 seconds. Your ProFusion iH will begin to speak the IP address over your speakers.

Is Pandora radio legal?

You can privately listen to any Pandora station you create, but playing that Pandora retail music station in front of patrons at your business is illegal. This includes playing Pandora stations for restaurants through the service. This is true whether you have a free or premium Pandora account.

What iS a ProFusion iS?

The ProFusion iS digital audio and video delivery system provides extensive commercial-free music and video programming, engaging message marketing, flexible scheduling, and the ability to play different types of music in various areas of your business.

How do I reset my Pandora ProFusion?

Power cycle the ProFusion iO Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Press the power button on the back of the device into the ON position. The machine will initialize and resume music playback (if connecting).

iS it illegal to play Pandora in a business?

Is Pandora part of Spotify?

The main difference between Pandora and Spotify is the fact that Pandora is a music streaming service that doesn’t let you choose directly one song to listen to. Instead, it creates for you a “radio stations” based on the artist, song, or playlist you like.

Who is bigger Pandora or Spotify?

Availability and Popularity Pandora is much more popular than Spotify in the U.S. Pandora has more users than Spotify does, but Spotify’s service is available to more users around the world.

Can I listen to profusion on Pandora?

Discover Profusion’s top songs & albums, curated artist radio stations & more. Listen to Profusion on Pandora today! Profusion on Pandora | Radio, Songs & Lyrics We’re sorry, but our site requires JavaScript to function.

Why can’t I update my profusion IH Pandora?

Update Connect Error after an update is attempted Verify the network settings for your ProFusion iH Pandora are correct for your network. Verify your network firewall is configured to allow FTP traffic from your Profusion iH Pandora to its designated server. Online Control Panel displays

How do I contact DMX support for Pandora Profusion is?

If the problem continues, note the error message displayed on the ProFusion iS and refer to dmx.com/Pandora/support or contact DMX at 800.929.5407. 18SImPLe • PeRSoNALIzeD • UNLImITeD • eCoNomICAL • LICeNSeD

How do I restart my scheduled Pandora Station on Profusion is?

1 Press the standBybutton once. The audio stops immediately, but the system remains active to receive any updates needed. 2 To restart your scheduled Pandora station, press .. NOTE: The ProFusion iS can remain in Standby mode overnight. sHutDoWn 1 Press the standBybutton once.