How do I find my base URL in razor view?

How do I find my base URL in razor view?

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  2. public WhateverController(IHttpContextAccessor context) //In the constructor.
  3. var request = context. HttpContext. Request;
  4. var _baseURL = $”{request.Scheme}://{request.Host}”; // http://localhost:5000.

How can get current URL in MVC controller?

So to get current page and use dynamically. Request. Url. AbsoluteUri….Here is different property or Url check what you want:

  1. Url. AbsolutePath : /virtual_dir/webapp/page.
  2. Url. Host : localhost.
  3. Url. Authority : localhost:80.
  4. Url.
  5. Url.
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  7. Url.
  8. Url.

How can I get baseUrl in asp net core?

var baseUrl = Request. GetTypedHeaders(). Referer. ToString();

What is URL content?

Url.Content is used when you wish to resolve a URL for any file or resource on your site and you would pass it the relative path: @Url.Content(“~/path/file.htm”) Url.Action is used to resolve an action from a controller such as: @Url.Action(“ActionName”, “ControllerName”, new { variable = value })

What is IWebHostEnvironment?

IWebHostEnvironment Provides information about the web hosting environment an application is running in. belongs to namespace Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting. The IWebHostEnvironment interface need to be injected as dependency in the Controller and then later used throughout the Controller.

How do you get the current page name in razor pages?

To check the current page, you can use location. href and compare it with the href url, something like: $(function() { $(“ul. sidebar>li”).

What is launchSettings JSON in .NET Core?

The launchSettings. json file is used to store the configuration information, which describes how to start the ASP.NET Core application, using Visual Studio. The file is used only during the development of the application using Visual Studio. It contains only those settings that required to run the application.

How do I get wwwroot path?

The path of the wwwroot folder is accessed using the interfaces IHostingEnvironment (. Net Core 2.0) and IWebHostEnvironment (. Net Core 3.0) in ASP.Net Core. The IHostingEnvironment is an interface for .

What is Webrootpath?

The content root path is the absolute path to the directory that contains the application content files. The web root path is the absolute path to the directory that contains the web-servable application content files.

Is Razor pages better than MVC?

#1 — Razor Pages is Better Organized Razor Pages, on the other hand, is more organized compared to MVC. In Razor Pages, the files are basically more organized. You have a Razor View and the entire code behind a file, same way the old ASP.NET WebForms did.

Is IHttpContextAccessor a singleton?

But from a consumer’s point of view, the IHttpContextAccessor is a simple singleton, and it “just works” – there are no implementation details leaked to the outside.

Should you use IHttpContextAccessor?

It’s only necessary to use IHttpContextAccessor when you need access to the HttpContext inside a service.

Where can I find launchSettings json?

You will find the launchSettings. json file under the folder properties . iisSettings : contains the settings required to debug the application under the IIS or IIS Express. profiles section contains the debug profiles.

What is Commandname in launchSettings json?

The command name maps to how the project should be started. Visual Studio uses this to run your project. IISExpress obviously indicates that IIS Express is used to start the project. Project indicates that the project is executed with the . NET CLI directly on the command line.