How do I find an old obituary in Ohio?

How do I find an old obituary in Ohio?

Some public libraries have obituary indexes or offer obituary searching of local newspapers as part of their local history and genealogy services. You can find public libraries in Ohio using OPLIN’s Find a Library.

Where can I find obituaries in Ohio?

Resources within the state of Ohio have devoted substantial effort into entering death and obituary records into a system that is searchable from the Internet through the official government website,

How do I place an obituary in The Cincinnati Enquirer?

To submit an obituary to The Cincinnati Enquirer, send an email to .

  1. Your contact information: Name, Billing Address, Phone Number and Email Address.
  2. The exact text you want to be printed.
  3. Any photo(s) you would like printed (maximum of 2 photos)
  4. The name of the funeral home taking care of arrangements.

How do I submit an obituary to the Cleveland Plain Dealer?

Paid obituaries, which are paid advertisements that appear in The Plain Dealer and on, can be placed by sending an e-mail to, or by calling 216-999-4860 during the following hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.; Sunday and holidays, 1 p.m. to …

Can you look up death certificates in Ohio?

Certified copies of death certificates can be obtained from the local Ohio county health department where the death occurred. To Apostille certified copies, contact the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office. We can verify death certificate copies (stamp) for non-legal purposes (ex. DAR applications).

What is the difference between obituary and death notice?

The key difference between an obituary and a death notice is the length. Death notices are very brief. Within just a few sentences, a death notice describes the need-to-know facts surrounding an individual’s passing. An obituary is longer in length, and provides a more detailed announcement.

How do I submit an obituary to The Plain Dealer?

To suggest a news obituary, send an email to Please provide the date and place of death, the name of the funeral home and your contact information. If you are submitting a professional photo with an obituary, a signed release form is required.

How much per word is an obituary?

There’s no real standard for how much a newspaper obituary costs. Newspapers may charge per word, per line, or per column inch, or you may be able to buy a quarter or half-page. A photograph of the deceased may be an extra charge. Even a brief obituary on a newspaper’s website will start around $200.