How do I exchange my order on zalora?

How do I exchange my order on zalora?

Fill out the online return form to request for a zalora return, refund or exchange. You can choose your preferred refund option and create an exchange order yourself. Place the items in the Zalora product packaging, if you still have them.

Can you return an exchanged item zalora?

RETURNS AND REFUNDS POLICY 9.1 If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the Product to us within thirty (30) days of receipt, in accordance with our Exchange or Refund/Exchange Policy.

Is zalora exchange free?

Zalora provides free returns within 30 days of delivery. To return the item you buy in zalora, you just have to fill in the return slip and return the item with the tags attached, together with the invoice within the original box. Don’t forget not all items are exchangeable and refundable so check your item first.

Can you return something if you bought it online?

Most online stores will only accept returns of unused and unopened items. If it is clothing, you must keep the tags on the clothing in order to return the purchase. Follow website directions. Most online stores have step-by-step instructions for processing a return.

How do I get a return label from ZALORA?

Kindly fill in this form to lodge a return to Zalora Customer Service.

  1. Step 1: Please fill in your return information: Select your current state:
  2. Step 2: Print & stick CollectCo label on the parcel. Note: Your parcel must adhere to our Parcels Requirements Guideline.
  3. Step 3: Track your parcels online.

How long will ZALORA refund take?

Bank transfer – 1 working day lead time and 3 to 5 working days for your refund to be reflected in your bank account. Credit card or debit card – 1 working day lead time and 3 to 5 working days for your refund to be reflected in your Credit card or debit card.

Can I refuse delivery from Zalora?

The customer has the right to reject at any point of time prior to delivery. If a parcel is rejected at the point of delivery, the order will be considered as a failed delivery order. The item will be returned back to the seller. ZALORA will then update the status accordingly.

How long will Zalora refund take?

How does ZALORA return work?

You can exchange or return the item for a refund within 30 days after delivery!

How do I get my ZALORA return label?

What happens when you return clothes online?

The system varies from company to company, but typically a returned item may get shipped to a processing depot, where it is sorted and its condition assessed. From there, it may be sent back to the store or e-commerce warehouse to be restocked — or repaired and then sent back.

Can I return ZALORA at J?

You can return items from different orders together – simply pack them in one package and drop it off or have it picked up. Please ensure to submit a return request for all returned items.

Can I still return ZALORA without packaging?

RETURNS AND REFUNDS POLICY The Product shall be unused, Product tags shall not be tampered with, and the Product shall be in the original brand packaging (if applicable). This policy is applicable only to those products which do not fall under the list of non-refundable brands/items provided on our Platform.

How do I get my Zalora return label?

Can I transfer my Zalora wallet to GCash?

Under ‘Payment Options,’ select GCash as your mode of payment. After reviewing and placing your order, you will be redirected to the GCash page, where you need to input your 11-digit mobile number linked to your GCash wallet.

Are all Zalora items original?

ZALORA is a legit online retailer that holds a very high standard and process in making sure that all brands including both local and international brands from ZALORA shoes, clothing, accessories, beauty products etc are 100% authentic.

Do you need receipt to exchange?

The receipt: if you can’t provide proof of purchase, you may be turned away, so it’s important to bring the receipt with you (or gift receipt which doesn’t show the cost of the item). Once you’ve provided this you should be given either a refund or be able to exchange the item for something you want.