How do I enable AD authentication in IIS?

How do I enable AD authentication in IIS?

Enabling Windows authentication in IIS

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn windows features on or off.
  2. Expand Internet Information Services -> World Wide Web Services.
  3. Under Security, select the Windows Authentication check box.
  4. Click OK to finish the configuration.

How does Windows Authentication work with IIS?

Authentication: The client generates and hashes a response and sends it to the IIS server. The server receives the challenge-hashed response and compares it to what it knows to be the appropriate response. If the received response matches the expected response, the user is successfully authenticated to the server.

How do I enable NTLM authentication in IIS?

Open IIS and navigate to the Default Web Site. Open Authentication. Click Windows Authentication > Advanced Settings. De-select Enable Kernel-mode authentication and click OK.

How do I turn on pass through authentication?

Sign in to the Azure Active Directory admin center with the global administrator credentials for your tenant. Select Azure Active Directory in the left pane. Select Azure AD Connect. Verify that the Pass-through authentication feature appears as Enabled.

What is NTLM in IIS?

Previous versions of the Windows platform provided a rudimentary Single Sign-on (SSO) mechanism known as NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication. This method of authentication is based on hashing algorithms providing a similar level of security and operation as that of Basic Authentication.

How can I check if my IIS site is using NTLM or Kerberos?

One is via the WWW-Authenticate method “NTLM”; the other is via Negotiate. Negotiate uses GSSAPI, which in turn can use various mechanisms; on Windows, this includes both Kerberos and NTLM. Wireshark can decode all of this and show you quickly what’s going on, assuming you’re not using TLS.

How do I install pass-through authentication agent?

Download the latest version of the Authentication Agent (versions 1.5. 389.0 or later): Sign in to the Azure Active Directory admin center with your tenant’s Global Administrator credentials. Select Azure Active Directory -> Azure AD Connect -> Pass-through Authentication -> Download agent.

How does Windows pass-through authentication work?

In Microsoft Windows Server-based networks, Pass-Through Authentication is a method of performing authentication to a domain controller that resides in a trusted domain. Pass-through authentication enables users to log on to computers in domains in which they do not have a valid user account.

How does Windows authentication work in IIS?

How do I authenticate in Active Directory?

Add an Active Directory Authentication Domain and Server

  1. Select Authentication > Servers > Active Directory.
  2. Click Add. The Active Directory wizard appears.
  3. Click Next. The Domain Name page appears.
  4. In the Domain Name text box, specify the name of the Active Directory domain.

Does IIS Windows Authentication use LDAP?

If you’re talking about Windows Authentication, then no, IIS doesn’t use LDAP. It will use either Kerberos (preferably) or NTLM.

Is using NTLM instead of Kerberos?

The main difference between NTLM and Kerberos is in how the two protocols manage authentication. NTLM relies on a three-way handshake between the client and server to authenticate a user. Kerberos uses a two-part process that leverages a ticket granting service or key distribution center.

What is difference between Kerberos and NTLM authentication?

Is the built-in account in IIS Manager pass through authentication?

Closed 9 years ago. The server is configured to use pass-through authentication with a built-in account to access the specified physical path. However, IIS Manager cannot verify whether the built-in account has access.

How do I set up Windows Authentication in IIS?

In the Web Server (IIS) pane, scroll to the Role Services section, and then click Add Role Services. On the Select Role Services page of the Add Role Services Wizard, select Windows Authentication, and then click Next. On the Confirm Installation Selections page, click Install.

What is passthrough authentication in IIS?

Normally, IIS would use the process identity (the user account it is running the worker process as) to access protected resources like file system or network. With passthrough authentication, IIS will attempt to use the actual identity of the user when accessing protected resources.

How do I disable anonymous authentication in IIS?

How to disable anonymous authentication Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager: If you are using Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2: On the taskbar, click Server Manager, click Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.