How do I contact the Department of Labor in New York?

How do I contact the Department of Labor in New York?

New York Department of Labor address is State Office Bldg # 12, W.A. Harriman Campus, Albany, New York 12240, the main phone number is 518-457-9000.

How do I contact the Florida Department of labor?

If you have a general question about Department of Labor issues, please call our toll-free number at 1-866-4-USA-DOL (1-866-487-2365). Members of the media should contact the Office of Public Affairs.

What does the us labor dept DO?

To foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights.

Who is the head of the US Department of Labor?

Martin J. Walsh
Secretary of Labor Martin J. Martin J. Walsh was sworn in as the 29th Secretary of Labor on March 23, 2021.

What is the address for NYS unemployment?

Write: Mail your request to Unemployment Insurance Division, NYS Department of Labor, P.O. Box 1195, Albany, NY 12201.

How do I talk to a person at NYS unemployment?

Call: Tel-Service at 1-888-581-5812. If you live outside of NYS, call 1-888-864-9920.

Does Florida have a Department of labor?

Florida | U.S. Department of Labor.

How do I file a complaint with the Florida Department of labor?

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at 1-866-487-9243 or visit You will be directed to the nearest WHD office for assistance. There are WHD offices throughout the country with trained professionals to help you.

What agencies are under the U.S. Department of Labor?

Find out more about our agencies:

  • Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
  • Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA)
  • Employment and Training Administration (ETA)
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Which agency is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor?

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Can you sue the U.S. Department of Labor?

Can I Sue the U.S. Department of Labor? Yes, it is possible to sue the Department of Labor. In fact, a federal district court in Texas awarded over half of a million dollars in attorneys’ fees and costs to an employer when the Department of Labor was found to not be substantially justified in its legal position.

Is there a NY unemployment office?

See also who to contact for specific employer UI questions and services….Unemployment Insurance Employer Services District Offices.

Location Bronx
Address 2400 Halsey Street Bronx, NY 10461
Telephone (917) 795-0910
Fax (718) 823-3206

What to do if you can’t get through to NY unemployment?

The answer is 888-209-8124. In a time when most people no longer memorize phone numbers, unemployed New Yorkers can quickly recite that one. What they’re looking for is an inside number, a short cut to waiting for hours on hold or being disconnected. Some people call Gov.

Where do I file for unemployment in Florida?

If you do not receive a confirmation notice, call the Claims Assistance Center toll free at 1-800-204-2418….File Your Florida Unemployment Claim

  1. Read the Reemployment Assistance FAQs.
  2. Email a Reemployment Assistance agent.
  3. Call the Reemployment Assistance Hotline: 1-800-204-2418.

Does Florida have a Department of Labor?

Where do I report my employer in Florida?

You can visit the DOL’s website to find the closest office to you or, you can begin your claim by calling 1-866-4USWAGE.

How many employees does DoL have?

United States Department of Labor

Agency overview
Employees 16,855 (2022)
Annual budget $14.2 billion (FY 2022)
Agency executives Marty Walsh, Secretary Julie Su, Deputy Secretary

How do you contact Department of Labor?

Visit Claims to learn about Unemployment Insurance,Disability Insurance,and Paid Family Leave program eligibility,or to file a claim for benefits.

  • Visit AskEDD for questions or to contact the EDD online.
  • Contact the EDD.
  • What is the Department of Labor phone number?

    The United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division (hereinafter referred wage garnishment provisions of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, and a number of employment standards and worker protections as provided in several immigration

    What is the fax number for US Department of Labor?

    Department of Labor & Workforce Development . P.O. Box 111149 Juneau, AK 99811 Fax: (907) 465-2784

    How do I contact the Labor Board?

    National Toll-Free Contact Center – Live assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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  • Leadership Team – A list of phone numbers for key personnel in the Department.