How do I activate my mobile device authentication for HSBCnet with a security device?

How do I activate my mobile device authentication for HSBCnet with a security device?

To activate your mobile device:

  1. Log on to the HSBCnet Mobile app with your Security Device.
  2. Go to the menu and select ‘Settings’.
  3. Switch on the ‘Mobile authentication’ option and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your device and PIN.

How do I unlock my HSBC token?

The Secure Key is locked and will need to be reset. To do this start to log-on and enter your user ID. At the next screen click the ‘Forgotten your Secure Key PIN’ link which you will find under the field ‘Generate and Enter The Six Digit Security Code’. Follow the on screen instructions.

Can I access HSBC without secure key?

If you don’t have access to your Secure Key, go to our online banking log on page, enter your username and select ‘I’ve forgotten all my log on details or I don’t have my Secure Key’. Follow the instructions and activate your new details via our automated phone service.

How do I reset my HSBC security device?

1 Choose the ‘Reset security details’ button on the bottom right 2 You’ll be asked a set of security questions to make sure it’s you 3 A security code will be sent to your Secure Key 4 Type in your security code on screen when asked 5 Create new log on details and you’re all set!

How do I activate my HSBC HK security device?

How do I activate my new or replacement Security Device?

  1. Create a PIN for your new Security Device.
  2. Log on to Online Banking.
  3. Click ‘Activate now’ at the right hand bottom in Security Device activation page.
  4. Click ‘Generate Activation Code’, we will send the code via SMS according to the Bank’s mobile record.

What do I do if my HSBC Secure Key failed?

To do this, start logging on to online banking and enter your username. On the next screen, select ‘Forgotten your Secure Key PIN’. Follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be given a PIN reset code. Once you have the code, press the green button lightly and quickly – do not hold it down.

Can I change battery for bank token?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the DBS token battery all by yourself; even the bank officer cannot do it for you. The only option is to submit a token (Secure Device) replacement in order to get your new token.

What do I do if my HSBC security device won’t work?

If your HSBC Digital Security Device is no longer working or in your possession, call us and we’ll immediately deactivate it from your accounts to prevent fraudulent access. We can then arrange to send you a new activation code and you can activate the Digital Security Device on your new smartphone.

Why is my DBS token not working?

Please ensure that your digibank app is up to date. Restart your phone and ensure your Android or iOS is running on the latest version. You will then be prompted to set up your Digital Token when you first log in.

How do I get a new DBS token?

  1. Log in to digibank Mobile with your digibank User ID & PIN.
  2. Click on Set Up Now.
  3. Verify your email address and click Next.
  4. Enter the 6-digit Email OTP sent to your email address registered with DBS.
  5. Enter the 6-digit SMS OTP sent to your mobile number registered with DBS.
  6. Digital Token set up is completed.

What is HSBC security device?

The. HSBC Security Device provides. an extra level of protection for. your online personal information. and certain types of transactions.

What do I do if I get locked out of HSBC online banking?

If you’re locked out of online or mobile banking, you’ll need to reset your security details. To do this, go to our online banking log on page. Enter your username and you’ll be able to reset your details.

What happens if I don’t have my HSBC security device with Me?

Once an HSBC Security Device has been activated, it’s uniquely linked to you. If you don’t have it with you, you can still log on by selecting the “Without Security Device” tab on the logon page, but you will not be able to access certain transactions.

What is the HSBC digital security device?

The HSBC Digital Security Device provides an extra layer of protection for Personal Internet Banking and HSBC Mobile Banking App 1 transactions and is required in order to do certain transactions like wire transfers or global transfers. How to set it up

What are the pin and passcode on my HSBC security device?

When you activated your HSBC Security Device, you also created either a PIN (for the physical device) or a Passcode (for the digital device). These credentials allow you to generate security codes to log in with your device or to sign for certain transactions, like wires.

What is the cost of replacing my HSBC security device?

There is no replacement cost. If you lose your HSBC Security Device, please call the Contact Center and we can order you a new one. Once you call to order a replacement HSBC Security Device, it should take approximately 5 business days for you receive it.